Fox: We've put ourselves into a hole

Read on to see what junior left tackle Jason Fox is saying about last year's FSU game, his thoughts in their defense this season, the disappointment of last week's game, the holding penalty he was called for last week, what the team needs to do to finish games, and much more.

Q: Does this game still have the same excitement to it?
A: This is Florida State week. This is a big rivalry game and it is a game no one forgets. We need this game to get back on track.

Q: What do you remember about last years win?
A: It was a great feeling. Even though I had to sit out at the end it was a great experience. We were all excited in the locker room afterwards, jumping up and down and celebrating. It was a great flight home. We want to get that feeling again.

Q: What challenges do they present?
A: They are FSU. You can say whatever you want about them, but they a great team. Their defense is great. They are fast and they hit hard. There will be more collisions in this game than any game this year. They are a big challenge.

Q: How do you deal with the disappointment of last week?
A: We felt we let one get a way. We kind of put ourselves in a hole, but all we can do is worry about next week. We need to finish better and we need to do our jobs better to get a win this week.

Q: What were your thoughts on the holding call on you last week?
A: I do not know what I did you would have to ask the referee. It was a tough call. The coaches came up to me and told me it was a tough call. I was pretty hot on the field, but when something like that happens you just have to move on and keep playing.

Q: Does a win in this game help you forget about last week?
A: If we come out ready to play, make some big plays and come out with a victory it will put us back on the right track .We have to forget about the past and worry about what we can control.

Q: What does this team have to do to finish games?
A: That is something Coach Shannon stresses every day. In every practice they are in our ear to finish every play, every block, and every drill hard. We know to get this win that is what it is going to take. We have to give it everything we have.

Q: How important is a win this week?
A: It is huge and not just because it is FSU. It is our next game and we need to get back on the right track. We know we put ourselves in a bit of a hole and we are going to have to fight our way out.

Q: How nice would it be to have a big crowd this weekend?
A: It would be great to have that kind of support. It will be nice to hear your crown in a big game like this. Every time a big play happens they are going to let you know and they are going to get loud.

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