Bosher: We are confident in the coaches

Matt Bosher is coming off an excellent performance against Florida State on Saturday. Read on to see what he's saying about that, the mentality of the team, what needs to be corrected, and more.

On the rain
We play in the rain all the time, I mean we live in Miami so it's not like we're new to playing in the rain so I don't think it really affected us at all.

On the onside kick
Just try and get the bounce. It's my job to do. I do it all the time in practice and I should have done my job. I put that on myself.

On how punt protection improved on Saturday
The punt team protection did a great job, they kept everyone away from me. All the credit goes to them on the punt team.

On how he was able to get good punts off
Great blocking up front, great snaps from Chris Ivory. Without that the ball doesn't get off.

On the mentality of the team
We're still very proud of what we're doing and very confident in our coaching and everything that's going on in the field and I still expect us to do great things.

On kickoff coverage improvement
I was happy to see that. The coaches have done a great job of getting everyone ready and the players have done a great job in practice getting ready for these games.

On the fake punt
I wasn't surprised that Coach Shannon called it, he's not afraid and that's why I love playing for him.

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