Benjamin: I had to make something happen

Travis Benjamin was the best player on the field for the University of Miami on Saturday and caught up with the talented freshman to talk about the game, his performance, where the team goes from here, and more.

On his performance
I knew that every time I touched the ball, I had to make something happen. I got some good enough touches and I believe in my offense and when I get the ball, I think I'm going to score.

On what he was thinking at halftime
I told myself that I was going to be the first person that touched the ball when we come out. When I caught the ball, I just ran as fast as I could.

On his attitude when he touches the football
I feel like I'm going to break it every time I touch the ball I Know my speed and I know my abilities to get around the corner.

On the trick play pass from Graig Cooper
We had been working on that all week and every time he would throw it, it would either be a little bit short or a little bit deep, and this time it was perfect, it was money. Florida State likes to play man, so hopefully I hold a block and then take off. I knew he was going to try to catch up with me and he was going to be at full speed, so he couldn't stop the way I stop.

On the comparisons to Devin Hester
That's very good (smiling).

On when he's going to score a return touchdown
Hopefully next week if they kick it to me.

On how he's taking the loss
It's hard because I know I played my role and did my part but a loss is a loss and we have to build on that and eventually we'll win.

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