Cooper: They were sitting on our run game

Graig Cooper played a limited role in Miami's offense on Saturday due to the fact that the Canes fell way behind so early in the game. Read on to see what Cooper is saying about the game and more.

On the heavy amount of passing from the offense
As running backs we knew they were crashing in on defense and sitting on our running game. We got behind and had to buckle down and pass. As long as we win, I ain't too worried about our running game. I just want to win, that's all.

On how he felt during Miami's second half surge
I had a whole bunch of confidence. I'll do whatever it takes to help my team win. I just want to win, that's all I want to do, and I felt really confident on all of them drives because we were playing together and just trying to finish. That's what they had been preaching all game, that if we finish the game we'll be a whole lot better.

On the trick plays
Like coach tells us, we're going to work on them all season and summer and it finally worked out. We had been working on it all season and I had been messing it up some in practice but Coach Nix had confidence in me. I just wanted to make a smart decision and when I saw the cornerback jump down I decided to throw the ball. Had he stayed on the receiver, I would have run.

On his attitude after the game
I'll tell you one thing. I'm not in a negative mode. I still feel good about this team. This week I'm not as mad. Don't get me wrong, I'm mad that we lost but I feel better because we fought. Last week we got beat like some suckers, but this week we fought and played like men.

On the possibility of Javarris James' return
It was cool. Derron got in too. I'm just happy that Javarris is coming back. It will help us.

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