Shannon: We have to find a way to get it done

Coach Shannon just got finished addressing the media and was there. Read on to see what Shannon had to say about a number of things surrounding the team.

* He was happy to see how the fans were so involved in the game all the way through on Saturday.

* "We have to keep coaching" Sam Shields. He's getting opportunities. The young kids are now making plays and they need more chances.

* "As coaches, we have to find a way to get it done"

* Recruits are still committing here because they see the direction we're going.

* Allen Bailey is a first year player, Adewale Ojomo is a first year player, Marcus Robinson is a first year player, Andrew Smith is a first year player, and Steven Wesley -- those are the d-ends this week. That's how young we are there.

* This team has more depth on the D-Line this year and they must keep them fresh, as he pointed how the team had to use Vegas Franklin and Courtney Harris (both 240 pounds) at DT down the stretch last season.

* Randy Phillips, Colin McCarthy, Eric Moncur, and Reggie Youngblood have a LOT of experience and not having them from here on out really hurts from an experience factor.

* Travis Benjamin is doing well. At 160 pounds, he cant get 50 snaps at WR. He'll get 20-25 and do his thing on special teams. "He reminds me of Santana Moss with his ability to get up and go."

* "UCF has a great punter who can really hang it up there" so the return factor might not be there as much this week.

* UCF has 4 seniors in the secondary. It should be a unique matchup against our freshman WR's.

* Brandon Harris "was getting jitters out". Shannon likes him because he forgets the last play and has always been that way. He'll be fine.

* Sean Spence is always doing something that excites people. "He has a knack since he was in 10th grade to be around the football." He's always around the ball.

* The team's main focus this year are "third down and fourth quarter" on both sides of the ball.

* The team was put into too many third-and-longs so they must be a lot better on second downs, setting up better opportunities.

* The team will have no QB depth if they dont keep playing Jacory. "They both score points and they're both our future."

* The QBs were being hit too much on Saturday and they have to find better ways to protect them.

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