Benjamin: If they kick to me, I'll score.

Travis Benjamin was the best player on the field for the Hurricanes against Florida State last week. Read on to see what he's saying just a few days before the UCF game.

Q: How does it feel to have such a big game?
A: I feel good about my performance, but even though I played well we still came out with a loss. And stats don't matter unless you win.

Q: Is the college game slowing down for you?
A: I know once I get into the system, learn new ways, once I get used to it I'll be explosive. It has not really slowed down, but I am just catching up to the speed in college.

Q: How tough has college football been physically?
A: If I catch the ball and have one on one, no one can tackle me in the open field because of my speed and my ability. I'm fast and quick, and if I see an open seam I trust my speed and ability to get through it. I am not worried about the physical part.

Q: Are you worried about getting hammered by a bigger player on returns?
A: No, I'm not worried about it. I know if I get hit I'll absorb the tackle.

Q: How do you absorb a tackle?
A: You know how you feel something will come, you know how to manage it? It's like that.

Q: How much are you weighing now?
A: I am at 172 pounds. I was at 153 coming out of high school.

Q: How did you put on so much weight?
A: Working hard, and eating right. I eat about four or five times a day and get good sleep. I eat anything I can get my hands on. I'm just making my body bigger.

Q: You have gotten close to returning a kick for a touchdown do you feel that is coming soon?
A: I try to score every game. I think if they kick me the ball I can make it happen versus UCF.

Q: What do you like better, kickoff returns or punt returns?
A: It doesn't matter as long as I get the ball. In kick returns it's more about assignments. There is more of a strategy to stopping you. Punt returns they have to come down full speed to get you and you have to rely more on your instinct. You know you need to avoid those guys coming at full speed.

Q: How tough is it to deal with losing?
A: A loss is a loss. There is nothing you can do. We just have to focus on the next game and kept it from happening again.

Q: How important is it that the team get a win this week?
A: It's very important. Everybody feels kind of bad for themselves because we're losing right now. So if we come out with a big win, 30-point, 40-point margin, we'll feel good about ourselves and keep rolling on.

Q: Is it hard to enjoy things when you're losing?
A: It's very hard. Football is a team sport, not individual sport. So I have to put all that I did Saturday behind me and focus on the team. I know without my team I wouldn't be here.

Q: What Cane returners in the past have you looked up to?
A: I like Devin Hester and Roscoe Parrish. Those are two explosive guys. Devin, he can just run through a seam, run through a hole, make a move. Everyone seems to move with him. He has the vision and ability to do a lot of things.

Q: When did you realize you were so fast?
A: When I was 16 and I started running track. That is when I noticed I had a lot of speed.

Q: Were you the fastest kid when you were small?
A: Not really I was about average. I was not the fastest kid. I did not become the fastest until high school.

Q: Your hair has become kind of a trademark for you. How long have you had it?
A: It's a trademark for me. I have been growing them since 8th grade. The second someone tackles me by it though I will cut. I have always told myself that, but luckily no one has yet.

Q: What does your hair feel like when you run?
A: I'm kind of used to it now. Sometimes I don't know it's back there. I do not really notice it anymore.

Q: How are your receiving skills?
A: I'm an all around player. On my receiving skills I'm quick off the ball, fast. I can catch the deep ball, catch slants, hitches and make big plays out of it.

Q: How much better can you get?
A: I can be real good if I just put my mind to it, focus on every play. Playing kick return, punt return, receiver, I'll be sometimes tagging out, taking a couple of plays off when I know I have to get back in, help my team. If I keep working hard there is no limit to what I can do.

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