Marve: We're building something special

Read on to see what Robert Marve is saying just days after the loss to Florida State, where the team goes from here, his thoughts on the play of the receivers, and much more.

Q: How tough is it to deal with losing?
A: It hurts a lot. Obviously with UNC we thought it was a wrap and with FSU and everything possible went our way in the 2nd half except a 3rd and 12 and we fell a little short. It is an awful feeling.

Q: With two straight losses how does this team avoid the here we go again feeling?
A: Play for pride. We need to forget about all the ifs and scenarios people are thinking of and just play the game we love. We need to play for pride and keep fighting. We are only 5 games in and we have a long season left.

Q: How does this compare with your early years at Tampa Plant?
A: This team reminds me of my high school days. We are building a base and when these guys are 3 years in it will turn into something special. There is no quit in us though and we will keep fighting. This season is not over and we are going to keep getting better.

Q: How did you handle all the blitzes and defenses FSU threw at you?
A: It was tough. What we thought coming in and what happened were two totally different things. We adjusted to it in the 2nd half and took what they gave us. They did a great job on defense.

Q: What surprised you the most?
A: They speed of the defense. They really flew around out there and were really hungry for the ball. We did a better job in the 2nd half though.

Q: How do you adjust to Youngblood's injury and what do you think of Rutledge stepping in?
A: It is really tough for Reggie and it is always hard when you lose a player like that. I wish him a fast recovery. Rutledge is a great player and I trust him with everything. We talk a lot off the field and I trust him with all the protections.

Q: UCF has a good group of defensive backs. What do they look like on film?
A: They are a really good team. We are going to have to play really well to win. They are solid on defense and work very well together.

Q: What did you think of UCF when you were coming up in high school?
A: I really did not watch them too much. I was more into the Big 3. They have a good program over there and are on the rise. It should be a good game.

Q: Do you think some of their players will have a chip on their shoulders versus a Miami team that may not have recruited them?
A: I do not think they got any lower players than us. They are going to have guys ready to play just like every in state game. They are going to come in here pumped up.

Q: How do you feel you are playing?
A: I just want to win. I am going to keep working and watching film. I know I can do a lot more and improve on some things so I am going to keep working and try to be the best player I can be.

Q: How big of a lift was it for Jacory to come in there and move the offense?
A: It was a big lift. He did a good job of going in there and getting us some points. It was nice to have some momentum going into the half.

Q: What do you think of the performances of your freshman receivers?
A: They are doing a great job. They have done a good job with all the routes and adjusting to college football. They know despite what route it is or what play is called it is still pitch and catch and those guys are very good at that.

Q: How do you deal with a receiver dropping the ball?
A: I do not get mad or anything like that. They are not doing it on purpose and I probably could have thrown the ball in a better place for them to catch it. We just look at each other and kind of say if it was me or him and move on.

Q: What are you thinking when Travis Benjamin is returning a kick?
A: That we are going to get the ball on the other side of the 50. He does a great job taking care of the ball and is really explosive back there.

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