Shannon: We thought Jacory could give a lift

Randy Shannon spoke after the 20-14 win over UCF about the play of his two quarterbacks, the mistakes the offense made, how the defense kept them in the game, and much more.

Head Coach Randy Shannon
"This was an exciting game for us. It was a good win to get us back on the road, coming off of two tough losses at home. I think the defense came out and responded. I think they did a great job of controlling the game for us because we didn't get much going on offense, and they did a tremendous job on third down. Offensively we have some things we have to correct. We could not get the passing game going tonight so we had to ride with our running game giving [Graig] Cooper, Derron [Thomas], and Lee Chambers the opportunity to move the football and to try to win it on field position, which we did because our defense was playing so great. When you get into tough games like that, if your offense is not going you have to hold on and have defense get field position and try to win it with special teams. I think special teams did a great job until that long kick-off return, but they closed it out."

On third down conversions…
"The last couple of weeks haven't been good. Offensively we just couldn't get anything going. There was a stretch in the secondary where they had four seniors playing against our young guys , and like I said to them all week, you guys are going to have to step up to the challenge. It's not going to be that we are going to feel sorry for you we are not going to baby you. We want you guys to go out there and make plays because you are a part of this team and we are giving you that opportunity to do it."

On assessment of Robert Marve and Jacory Harris
"We just have to keep going with those young guys. They are young, one is a true freshman and the other is a redshirt freshman. So we are just going to keep going and keep pounding away. Jacory [Harris] played a lot more tonight because we thought that Robert [Marve] got a little stagnant. We did not lose confidence in him, but maybe Jacory could come in a give us that lift. That's all. Sometimes you do that with quarterbacks."

On Robert Marve's interceptions…
"Those tonight were big time mistakes. They did a good job of taking away our passing game. They did a good job of confusing Robert [Marve] tonight and we have to go back to the board and as offensive coaches and reconstruct what we are doing on offense, and see the thing that they were trying to take away and do the opposite."

On Darryl Shaprton…
"He is starting to come around. [Darryl] Sharpton and I have been talking a lot the past couple of weeks because I care a lot about all of the guys on this team and Darryl is one of the guys has been here for a time and you want him to make more plays, be more involved, and be more assertive. He did a great job tonight of responding and doing the things we were going to do. Now by me saying that I am not going to let him off of the hook for next week. I am going to stay on top of him. He needs that, that kind of support, that tough love."

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