Marve: I was having a rough day

Following Miami's 20-14 win over UCF, which saw Robert Marve pulled in favor of Jacory Harris, Marve spoke to the media about the game, his performance, and where the team goes from here.

Miami Quarterback Robert Marve

On his struggles in the game today…
I think that's the case every day. You just have to go there and try and win the game. It great to learn. It was a very weird day, on both sides a little bit. But a win's a win, we'll take it. We love it. It feels good right now to win."

On tonight's win…
"Every time we win, it's a step forward. I think it's a huge step forward. It's kind of the one that gets you started to keep you winning. So of course, it was a big win for us. We're going to work harder this week and get ready for our next opponent."

On being taken out of the game…
"I was cool with it. I was having a rough day, it's football though. It was great to have a rough day and know you can still win the game. The guys were great, they all came up to me saying things like ‘Marve keep your head up', ‘Marve don't get mad'. They encouraged me the whole time, so that kept me out of the hot seat. It was good for me. So either way you look at it, I trust the coach's decision and just live with it."

On throwing seven interceptions the past three games…
"Yeah, it's rough. We're trying to make plays. That's it. I don't know whether it's one of these dumb freshman things; I don't know what it is. Sometimes I see it there and I'm trying to force it or it's just those little ones too. I want to keep seeing the ball. The thing I want to focus on is the ball handling mistakes and my throws. I need to work on that a little more. I have to keep being aggressive, I'm still learning the offense. Our defense this week showed a whole different defense than we thought that they were going to show."

On his confidence level tonight…
"I'm starting to work. I don't know how else to say it. I need to step up on this team. I'm going to step up on this team. Throwing three interceptions is not acceptable by any means. I will not let it happen here at the University of Miami. I'm going to get back in there. All I can do is watch film and get right back into workouts. I'm going to work hard and not let this happen again. It's not going to be about the freshman year jitters. I know I'm going to go through ups and downs. But I just have to know that when I'm down, I got to get back up. So that's what I'm going to do."

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