Tuesday's News & Notes

Head coach Randy Shannon addressed the media on Tuesday afternoon and he talked about a number of things. Read on to see the latest injury report, what he liked from the UCF game, what he didn't like, how to get guys like Travis Benjamin making more plays, the play of the defense, and much more.

Randy Shannon addressed the media a little bit ago and here's a recap of what he said:

* Reggie Youngblood will return this week. This is good because he said the O-Line is more effective when Chris Rutledge, who had to play RT in place of Youngblood, can provide depth at guard behind Orlando Franklin and Joel Figueroa.

* Chris Barney will play this week as well.

* "Javarris should be a full go," Shannon said about Baby J's status. A final decision will be made later in the week, after a few practices, but it looks like UM will have its starting RB back this week.

* It's hurt not having Baby J lately. Lee Chambers was able to give them a spark on Saturday but he had to leave the game with a turf toe. They're hoping he can go this week and team with Derron Thomas to spell James/Cooper.

* He credits UCF's defense for doing a nice job of taking away Miami's backs and tight ends in this game. They created a matchup that had UM's young receivers going against their experienced DB's. Shannon said they did a nice job of disguising coverages.

* Speaking of UCF, re: a couple players saying after the game Saturday that UCF was showing them stuff they didn't know about, Shannon said "you can't practice for everything" and that you have to be able to adjust once you see it.

* He was reall happy to see how Sam Shields responded last week and how well he played on special teams.

* The reason the defensive performance was so much better against UCF? 1) No big plays and 2) they tackled much better.

* Duke has some talented players. Their QB, who is from Dade County, has been playing well and DT Vince Oghobaase (#3) is a kid UM recruited out of high school and now looks like a kid that will likely get drafted.

* He will talk to the team this week about how the last two games against Duke have been very close and how Duke has the same number of wins as this team does. They can't take them lightly.

* Special teams play "has been up and down" this season and he'd give them a "C" grade. He talked about how Matt Bosher will punt great one week and kickoffs will be average and then his punts will be average the next week but kickoffs will be great. His field goals have been great all year. "Jake (Wieclaw) is the answer to that," he said in relieving Bosher some of all his duties. Wieclaw just needs to develop some consistency in practice.

* Everyone wants to see Travis Benjamin on the field more on offense but they have to be careful. He scored one touchdown vs UCF and was on the field 30-35 plays. He wasn't as explsoive on special teams as a result. The week before, he scored a couple touchdowns and only played 15 or so snaps on offense. As a result, he was more explosive on special teams. Young kids tend to wear down quickly and they have to make sure to keep guys like that fresh.

* They're working on creating better 2nd down situations, because getting in 2nd and long is a reason why the team is struggling so much on third downs.

* When asked about the Clemson situation, Shannon said, "We're just trying to win games here."

* They have to get the tight ends more involved in the passing game. They threw to them 4-5 times against UCF but UCF did a nice job of trying to gameplan them out of the game.

* Coach Swasey is doing a good job making sure players, especially the young ones, aren't wearing down. He also helps with the track and tennis teams.

* This time of year, players are spending 45 minutes to an hour three times a week in the weight room with Swasey.

* Darryl Sharpton played a great game on defense. Sean Spence played well. Glenn Cook continues to be very consistent. Allen Bailey is coming around. Dwayne Hendricks isn't making a lot of plays but he's not hurting the team either but any missed assignments. Carlos Armour is playing well now after being nicked up early in the season.

* He talked about the difference between guys who understand the defense and do their assignments and won't hurt you on defense while not making many plays compared to kids who miss assignments but will make a ton of plays. Kids from each side of that spectrum do exist.

* Jermaine McKenzie is running third at the Z receiver spot behind Benjamin and Davon Johnson. The gameplan was to get him into the game on Saurday but they weren't able to make it happen. He's expected to play this week.

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