Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands

Finally, an old fashioned dominating performance from the ‘Canes, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Sure it came against a struggling Syracuse team, but it was dominating nonetheless. Ken Dorsey came out with the poise and accuracy we have seen before this year, the thing is we have never seen it this early in a game.

From the very first play, Dorsey was the model of efficiency, and had Syracuse reeling before they had a chance to tie their shoe laces and strap in their helmets.

And who can forget Willis McGahee? 134 yards on 14 carries, you have to be kidding. Sick runs of 61 yards and 51 yards, with a display of speed that makes opponents thankful the ‘Canes are usually off the artificial surface, which clearly makes the already "fast" ‘Canes play all the more faster.

The seemingly forgotten player on offense, our other early Heisman candidate, Andre Johnson reacquainted himself to the nation with an outstanding performance. But even his performance was overshadowed by those of Dorsey and McGahee, who will undoubtedly be making the trip to New York together for the Heisman Ceremony.

The defense was suffocating, breaking only once and allowing Syracuse's first score in nine quarters against the ‘Canes. Although, there was cause for some concern as Syracuse was successful at times running the ball, with Walter Reyes (Cousin of Ohio State's Maurice Clarett) running for 110 yards. However, Troy Nunes was placed in third and long situations that he could not overcome. Finally, Miami's defense scored as Mo Sikes intercepted Nunes final pass of his career for a touchdown.

On special teams, Freddie Capshaw had one of his best games this year, and that's not taking into account was has to be the worst pass ever to go for a touchdown in Hurricane's history. (Incidentally, I ran into a few Hurricane players at an undisclosed location in Coconut Grove and spoke to them about this play. As mentioned on the national broadcast, the play was game planned, and not called from the sideline. The defenders lined up on our fliers were cheating for an attempted punt block. Capshaw and Sean Taylor recognized that and did what they were taught to do. There is no reason for an apology, had Syracuse not tried to block the punt, there would have been no audible called.)

Miami dominated the game from start to finish, and it was clear that the ‘Canes were superior in every aspect of the game. This time last year, Syracuse was a top 15 team. Since the ‘Canes beat them 59-0, they have never recovered.

Now, some of us are still focusing on the wrong things. Ohio State should not be entering our consciousness just yet. Virginia Tech, and only Virginia Tech should be on a ‘Canes brain. Make no mistake, Virginia Tech is dangerous, very dangerous. Can we blow them out of the Orange Bowl, certainly. But they can also give us a scare. They may be castrated turkeys, but they gave us the best game last year, with an absolutely horrible quarterback an one half of the "Untouchables." It is too early to break down this match-up as ‘Canes fans hold their collective breath until kickoff at 1:00 PM on Saturday. With the win against Syracuse, the ‘Canes have clinched at least a share of the Big East Championship, but we all know, the Big East Championship is just an incidental mean to the real end, another National Title.

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