Shannon talks team

Coach Shannon addressed the media this morning and he addressed a number of topics surrounding the University of Miami football team. Read on to see everything he was talking about.

* Pointed out how well Ryan Hill has been doing. He's playing 40 snaps a game and has done well after coming over from receiver. Coach McGriff has done a great job with him and he has a lot of speed. He learns well.

* He encouraged Vince Wilfork to leave after he lost both his parents and had a baby when he was a junior at UM. On the otherhand, he encouraged Antrel Rolle to stay. Both paid off for those kids.

* Jim Grobe has done a great job because he's done a good job of getting players to fit into his program. They're a very veteran team right now.

* He talked about how good Wake Forest cornerback Alphonso Smith is. He'll provide a big challenge for our young receivers.

* A big problem with penalties right now is how the defensive linemen are jumping offside. Those are "unacceptable" compared to aggressive ones like roughing the passer, etc.

* Josh Holmes could get some reps. He's had a couple good weeks of practice. They'll see how he does this week and if he's ready, they'll use him.

* Wake's Demir Boldin is a kid they really get involved in the game. He's one of the most productive players in the conference and they'll try getting him the ball a lot every game.

* Re: Wake QB Riley Skinner -- he doesn't turn the ball over.

* Five freshmen scoring touchdowns in one game has to be a record at UM. The young kids are really starting to turn the corner.

* The rotation of QB's will continue, as it's no different than using Aldarius or Byrd or Allen Bailey and Andrew Smith. They're both going to help us win games and they're both still very young.

* When we spread the ball around on offense, "we'll probably win the game."

* Aldarius Johnson and Laron Byrd have been outstanding in practice the last couple weeks. They're making tough catches in tight situations, especially Aldarius.

* Duke was doing a lot of zone blitzes and Jacory was doing a nice job of reading it and finding the open receiver.

* They work on the redzone stuff every day in practice. That's how they start every practice -- ones against ones in the redzone. Offense, score. Defense, stop them.

* DVD was "having a phenomenal game" against Duke until he got nicked up. His status for this Saturday will be determined in practice this week.

* Jordan Futch and Vaughn Telemaque are both still out.

* Arthur Brown at LB: "Right now, he's still got some things he has to learn but he's doing well."

* Baby J's foot was bothering him in the game, it got numb. "He's fine" now. It was good getting him in the game. He should be a lot better this week.

* Against Duke, the 2 minute offense worked really well because they weren't able to substitute and it wore them down.

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