TE: Miami will be really good soon

Billy Sanders moved from Arizona to Idaho before the season and he's having an excellent senior year so far. Read on to see how he's doing this season, why he's so excited about Miami's future, and what other school is still recruiting him and may get a visit.

"We're doing alright this season," Billy Sanders said. "We're 4-3 right now, which isn't the greatest, but if we win our next game we'll be going to the playoffs. It's against the town rival so it's going to be a big game for a few reasons."

Sanders, 6-foot-4 and 238 pounds, is playing pretty much every snap of every game this season. He plays tight end, defensive end, and long snaps.

"On offense, I have about 16 catches right now and two touchdowns," he said. "I don't know exactly how many tackles and stuff I have on defense but I think it's in the forties or fifties."

The talented tight end prospect committed to Miami way back in the beginning of the recruiting process and he remains committed to the Canes.

"I'm still committed," he said. "I've been watching all their games on DirecTV. I talk to Coach Pannunzio and he tells me they plan on playing me at tight end."

Sanders, a three-star prospect on Scout.com, likes what he sees as a tight end heading to Miami.

"Chris Zellner's a senior and (Dedrick) Epps is a junior so it's actually a real good opportunity for me as a tight end to go in there."

Sanders, who said he'll likely take his official visit to Miami in December, talked about his thoughts on Miami's season up to this point.

"They're going through some growing pains this season," he said. "We're so young and you can tell that just by watching them. They're going to be really good real soon."

Despite his commitment to Miami, Sanders said one school continues calling and may get an official visit from him.

"I've been talking to UCLA a lot," he said. "I went there a few times and I might be taking an official visit there for the USC game in November."

Sanders, who said he has his 40-time down to a 4.71 from a 4.85 this time last year, is hoping to graduate early.

"That's something we're working on," he said. "I'm planning on it and making sure I'm taking the necessary classes to be able to."

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