Maryland is a different team than Miami

Randy Shannon warns Canes fans not to put too much emphasis on Wake Forest's shutout loss to Maryland last week. Read on to see why he's saying that, what he's saying about the quarterback situation, how the younger quarterbacks are doing, and much more.

"This week's opponent is Wake Forest. They have a lot of veteran players on their team. Coach Grobe and his staff have done a tremendous job of getting those guys to bond. They're one of the few teams the last three years that, defensively, have caused more turnovers than anyone in the conference. It's a tremendous challenge for us not to turn the ball over. Their quarterback is doing a nice job of not turning the ball over. It's our next ACC conference opponent and the players we have must grow up fast each week and continue to produce and take the next step of playing football at the University of Miami."

On the quarterback situation:
Robert Marve (will start). The thing we have here, we have a great partnership between two quarterbacks. We were gonna play Jacory no matter what the circumstances were. He came in the last two games and managed the game well. Against UCF, he was able to finish the game. He ended the game well against Duke. It's a tremendous asset to have someone like Jacory to come in and play. Different players have roles just like the quarterbacks do -- Javarris James and Graig Cooper split at running back, Aldarius Johnson and Laron Byrd. We have guys who are gonna play. They're buddies, always together, always rooting for each other. The situation will continue to help us win games this season.

On Wake's struggles against Maryland last week:
I don't know. We just have to evaluate what they're doing. They got players who can make plays. Maybe those guys were off at that particular time. They've been in tough spots before, backed up in the corner. We gotta look at the things they can do. (Maryland) is a different team. We got a lot of young kids. Maryland is experienced at the skilled positions. We gotta do what we can and not try to replicate what Maryland did. Coaches are coaches and it's our job to teach and correct mistakes. They'll correct mistakes they had against Maryland.

On Taylor Cook's progress:
He's coming along well. Him and Cannon Smith are on the scout team. They're doing a great job. They see the same coverages of what they're gonna see next year and in years to come at Miami -- 3 deep, man free, zone blitz, cover 2, quarters concept, those guys are doing a tremendous job making our defense prepared each week.

On the balance of the ACC:
I've always said from day one, the thing with the ACC is you never know who's gonna win until the last week. We tend to beat each other up in this league. You always gotta be prepared. There's no guaranteed win. One thing with this conference is teams will always play hard against each other, coaches will respect each other. Someone can sneak up on you. There may not be a 12-0 team but each coach hopes we do because that means we'll be in the BCS Championship game.

On how the team came alive in the second half against Duke:
Our guys are starting to realize what we're focusing on. It was tough losing back to back home games with less than a minute left. We were behind at Duke going into halftime and even fell further behind after the interception. Those guys responded, made plays, and took control of the game.

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