Zellner: Everyone is behind Shannon

Chris Zellner is one of three tight ends rotating for the University of Miami Hurricanes. While junior Dedrick Epps gets more press, Zellner has quietly had a productive season for the Canes. The senior caught a 9 yard touchdown from Jacory Harris in Saturday's win over the Duke Blue Devils. Read on to see what Zellner had to say about this week's game against Wake Forest.

Five true freshmen scored touchdowns against Duke last week. What is it like to get that type of contribution from such young players?
"That was pretty cool. It was a pretty amazing feeling to see those guys score. For some of them it was their first touchdown. It was pretty cool to get out there and celebrate with them."

At quarterback it seems like there is always someone who wants to take the job and be the man that leads the team. Has that happened here and has it affected Robert and Jacory?
"Right now you never see it (affect them). Honestly, the truth is, they're like the best of friends. They have fun together and hang out. You never see it. They both lead the team very well."

This team has gone through some ups and downs so far this season. What are you guys doing to get through the highs and lows?
"Everybody is just behind what Coach Shannon and all the coaches have been preaching. That's to stay together. I think that's what we're doing. Hopefully we stay together for the rest of the season."

When you were growing up, Wake Forest was a basketball school that rarely got any attention for football. What is it about this Wake Forest team that makes them good?
"They're all a bunch of seniors and juniors. They're experienced guys. The last time we played them was up there two years ago and it was a close game then. They're going to be after us. We've got a lot of young guys playing. It's going to take some of the older guys and a lot of people making plays and staying together because it's going to be a tough game.

Wake Forest has a talented defense and has held most opponents to low scores. How can you guys put up points against such a successful defense?
"We've got to go out in practice and work hard. They're a stout defense. They're all juniors and seniors. They know it's their last year so they're going to come out here and play us as hard as they can. They just lost and got embarrassed so they're going to come out and try to make a statement. It's going to be up to us to practice hard, execute and get ready for a tough, physical game."

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