Q&A with Travis Benjamin

Freshman sensation Travis Benjamin has made an impression in his brief time as a Miami Hurricane. The young wide receiver picked up his fourth touchdown of the season last week against Duke and is looking to continue his success this weekend against Wake Forest. Read on to see what Benjamin has to say about the game against the Demon Deacons.

Coach Shannon tried to bring the freshmen along slowly at first only giving them a few plays a game early in the season. How tough was it for you to not be on the field as much as you would have liked?
"It was kind of tough because I know with my abilities I can make plays. I think when he saw all the freshmen contributing and making plays, he knew who the playmakers were so he put the freshmen on the field."

Do you think Coach Shannon knows now that the freshmen can handle a greater workload?
"He knows he can leave us out there for the whole game because of the rotation. If a freshman is coming out, another freshman is going in."

The freshmen have 7 games of experience under their belts. Do you guys feel older than you really are after playing so much so soon?
"I feel kind of older. When I first came, I had to be on schedule with everything. College football is much faster (than high school). Once I get used to it, I'll be on a roll."

How exciting is it to be so young and have two or three more years of success ahead of you?
"We feel good about it. Everybody knows that on the offensive side, a whole bunch of freshmen will be back. We know that next year we will be much better."

You have said that if you ever got tackled by your hair you would cut it. In the Duke game there was a point where it looked like you may have been caught by your hair. What happened there?
"No he didn't grab my hair. He grabbed me by my shoulder pads but if he would have pulled me by my hair I would have cut it."

Jacory Harris usually gets a little bit of playing time in each half but against Duke he played the whole second half. What do you think about his performance in that game?
"With Jacory, even though he's the backup quarterback, he always shows confidence. If Jacory starts and he messes up then Marve is coming in. Everybody knows to play their role to not let the team lose. They all put more effort into their job to help us win."

Do you think this week's game against Wake Forest is a big test for you guys?
"It's a very big test. Wake Forest has a bunch of seniors and juniors. They've played two or three years of college football already. They think that because we're freshmen that we don't know the game that well. We just have to go out and play our hardest."

Do you find yourself paying attention to the standings at all and how important is this game for you guys?
"It could mean a lot for us because we need every ACC game we've got right now."

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