Q&A with Thearon Collier

Thearon Collier is one of several true freshmen wide receivers making an impact for the University of Miami this season. Read on to see what he's saying about the season, how he's adjusted, how the freshmen communicate so well, his thoughts on Jacory Harris, how they match up with Wake Forest's secondary, and much more.

How rewarding is it to see all the freshmen making plays together:
It's real good. It was a big transition from high school and we all had the opportunity to play as freshmen.

On having seven games of experience now:
Yeah, we feel like veterans now. We just play. We're having fun.

On Wake's experienced secondary:
We're young and they got a veteran secondary. We just gotta keep working hard at practice, go 110-percent in practice, and be ready. We gotta work hard to prepare for the big game.

On Jacory's performance against Duke:
He showed confidence and he came through when we needed him. Big time players step up in big time games and he stepped up when we needed him.

On how the freshmen are relating:
Before we all came in, we got together on the phone and said we wanted to come in as freshmen and turn the program around. Our goal this year was to come in and win a national championship.

On having five games left and not feeling like a freshman anymore:
I feel like I'm not a freshman anymore. We had the opportunity to catch on and we've been learning the system and making plays.

On how things are going for him personally:
Things are going good for me. I'm trying to keep focused, continue working hard, and continue making plays throughout the season.

On how the freshmen came together:
We're coming together as a family. We communicate all the time on the phone, we work hard in practice. We're coming along well.

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