Q&A with Robert Marve

Robert Marve is splitting time with fellow freshman Jacory Harris is quarterback for the Hurricanes. Read on to see what Marve's saying about that, his performance against Duke, how he's handling the process, Wake Forest, getting comfortable with the young receivers, and more.

On Jacory's confidence level against Duke:
I was happy for him. I thought he played well against Duke. I was excited the team did good overall. That's pretty much where I stood and never looked at any other point. I had one bonehead play but besides that I thought I played great. I didn't look at it from any other point of view.

On being a little rusty:
It's a little mixture of everything. I guess in the Duke game, I tried getting more on the ball and that's why it looked so bad, obviously. I tried to get more on the ball but it didn't come out like I wanted it to. You get in situations and you might have to take one for the team and say it's on you.

On defenses having to prepare for two quarterbacks:
Going against two different quarterbacks, when each quarterback doesn't play the same, that throws a different curve at you and hopefully that works out to our advantage.

On worrying about making a mistake:
No, they do (the rotation) for every reason they have. Even when I'm playing well, it's part of how we're running it. I don't think it has anything to do with me or Jacory. It's just the situation in the (Duke) game kinda showed itself where he had a chance of doing it. I would've loved having (the same opportunity in the second half). As long as we keep winning, it works for me. That's our focus. As long as we're winning and this thing keep rollin, I'm down for it.

On the potential transfer talk being hard to avoid:
Not really. Just don't pick up the newspaper or read the Internet. You can't help people's opinion of things. It's a lot different from the person looking in than the person inside looking out. Everyone has an opinion, even how crazy they may sound. What you see and what I see might be the same but we see it in two different ways.

On advice from his father:
When I was going through this (QB competition) in high school, everyone wanted to talk about it. It's gonna be something you have to go through. The big thing is to stay positive and don't look at it from any other point of view except the team.

On how he and Jacory get along:
We don't fight with each other at all. He knows the offense, I know the offense. When we run a play, we'll say, 'what did you see on this? Did the safety roll over the top? Did they bring a lightning blitz?' We just keep talking over and over about the game. That's how we do it with the partnership. We really don't see it as fighting or competing.

On how much it helps with both being freshmen:
It definitely helps. It's not like a senior and a sophomore or freshman. Two guys are on the same page pretty much came in to run an offense together.

On the young receivers:
There's a lot of talent. It definitely helps being in the spread in the gun and you look at matchups and liking every one you have. That helps. I knew those guys were great guys. Hopefully they can keep it up and I have full belief they will.

On putting up big numbers offensively.
It definitely helps. It helps the defense. It encourages them more than anything else. If we're on the field and scoring points, it keeps the defense off the field and gives them some rest. Hopefully they can get a three-and-out and get us back out there.

On Wake Forest:
Wake is a great defense. You talk about leadership skills, they have all that over there. They don't bust assignments. They seem to know what they do very well. We're gonna have to be very disciplined on our half -- ready to attack but knowing what we're doing. That's gonna be a great challenge for us.

On Wake having two potential first rounders on defense:
They're both great players. If you're a first round kind of guy you're gonna be able to play football a little bit. The corner is very good. He's one of those shutdown corners. He knows exactly what he's doing in that system. You can tell how comfortable he feels out there, how he can jump things. The linebacker is a very physical guy and throws people around a lot.

On Aldarius Johnson:
I think he uses his size to a great advantage. He's very strong, a big guy and that heps a lot with separation. I feel very comfortable throwing to him in tight situations. No matter what happens, he'll catch it or knock it down. In the Duke game, that's the most comfortable he's been. The ball I was most impressed with was in the endzone -- how hard he faught for it and how hard he's fighting for every ball. He seems to be on the up and up.

On whether he had chemistry with Jacory coming in:
I imagine so. I mean they played high school together so it seems natural.

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