Q&A with LaRon Byrd

LaRon Byrd is one of several true freshman wide receivers making an impact for the Hurricanes right now. He's very excited about his progress and where the team is going. Read on to see everything he's talking about.

On feeling like a rookie:
It's always new to us because we're freshmen. I like the term rookie. We all got learning to do. As the season goes on, we just have to progress more and put up big numbers.

On getting a big win against Duke:
It was very crucial. That was our first ACC win. We dropped one to North Carolina and then Florida State so we needed that win. No matter who the opponent, it's gonna be a battle every Saturday. This was our second straight win and going into the Wake Forest game, we're confident and we're going in trying to dominate.

On seven freshmen scoring last week:
It feels real good. It's supposed to happen. If you're in the game, you're supposed to make plays. When our number is called, we need to produce in some form or fashion. I'm thrilled for it. The receiving corps is thrilled for it and the team is thrilled for it.

On the future with this freshman class:
We're gonna try to do some big things, on offense and on defense -- not just the freshmen receivers. Hopefully we'll bring a national championship home within the next couple years.

On spreading the ball around:
Everyone wants the ball. Every athlete wants to make that first play, the first touchdown, the big catch. We work as a team. If Aldarius scores or Kayne Farquharson scores, you'll see me in the endzone hyping them up because you score as a group and as a team. We each want the ball but as long as one of us makes a play, we're happy.

On Aldarius Johnson:
The thing I like about him is he came in here in the spring so he's like a freshman-slash-sophomore. He's producing well. Travis Benjamin is doing well. Everyone is doing well. It makes us wanna compete more. I'm gonna do the same thing on Saturday, raise the level of intensity.

On Jacory's strong performance:
I talked to him about it and he said it's like he was still in high school. Once he got into a rhythm, that's all he needed. He was real comfortable, made big key plays, big runs, down the stretch. No matter what you are, freshman or whatever, we're gonna make plays.

On the quarterback competition:
To tell you the truth, when I was getting recruited, I was hearing things and thought it may be a big battle. When I got here, they were just like brothers. They come in and watch and study film together. In practice, Marve tells Jacory things and Jacory comes to us and says you ran your route like this or like that. We all work together. I don't think it'll be a problem down the stretch because LSU did it with Matt Flynn and Ryan Perrilloux and they won a national championship like that.

On how well they're both handling it:
That's gonna be a big point. We should just learn from them. We have four or five freshman receivers. You can play that many in a game so each person is gonna be happy. But a quarterback, you can only have one playing. If they're dealing with it well, it should be no problem for us.

On scoring the touchdown last week:
I was too excited for the first one, way too excited. It felt real good. I got it off my back. I was pressing myself each wee, saying I gotta score, I gotta score. It felt real good to get that one. Like Coach Shannon said, though, that game's in the history books now and we gotta focus on Wake Forest now.

On making the adjustment from high school:
It's way different than high school. In high school, I was a big guy who was jumping over corners. My first play here, I got jammed by the corner on the first play and I was like, 'wow, this is gonna be a physical game'. I'm still learning. I learn from the older guys, like Khalil Jones is a great mentor, my offensive coach, Coach Shannon, all of those guys teach you a lot of things. And we have senior leadership at corner like Bruce Johnson and Carlos Armour, those guys teach you a lot. As now, I'm just trying to feel comfortable and making sure I do everything right.

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