Q&A with Jason Fox

Jason Fox is one of Miami's best players this season and the talented junior left tackle talked about the season, the Wake Forest game, the future of the program, and much more.

Q: How impressive has the play of the freshman receivers been?
Fox: I think we did have the No. 1 recruiting class. It's obvious we have a number of talented freshmen on this team, and we knew before the season started that they were going to come in and contribute right away. So far they've played well and hopefully they can continue to play well for the rest of the season.

Q: What does that say for the future?
A: They're only freshmen and they're making plays? That's incredible. They only have time to get better. Things are definitely looking up in the future.

Q: What did you guys think about 6 true freshman scoring on Saturday?
A: I did not even notice until after the game. That is just an amazing thing.

Q: Talk about Jacory Harris's effort in rallying you guys against Duke.
A: He played extremely well. He came in, made some mistakes, but overall he played extremely well. He had six touchdowns drives. That's pretty impressive.

Q: Did you see him get into a rhythm?
A: He got in a rhythm, and I think our offense got in a rhythm. We struggled early-on, changed some things up not just with the quarterback but different play-calling. We seemed to have more success with it, kept with it and had more success throughout the game.

Q: How long can both Jacory Harris and Robert Marve share playing quarterback before one wants to step up as "the guy"?
A: I think every guy wants to be the guy. But it goes beyond that. If that goes beyond being a team player, a contributor to the team, then that's a problem. But every guy wants to be the guy, no matter if you're playing wide receiver, quarterback or lineman. That's just in you, that self-motivation. Both of those guys have that in them, but they both care enough about the team to not let that affect the team at all.

Q: How are they different in the huddle as far as a leadership perspective?
A: They're very similar. And they both can come out and make plays any given day. Marve is a little more jump up and down, fire up the guys. Jacory is just a really confident guy. You know when he gets in the huddle he's really focused and is coming out to make plays.

Q: Talk about Wake Forest.
A: They have a lot of talent on their team. We're going to have to do a great job studying them, learning their defense as far as an offensive standpoint, and be as ready as possible for the game.

Q: Talk about what that Duke win does for this team.
A: That was just the next game, and now we have to win the next one. We have to look at it as one game a time throughout the rest of the season. If we do that and stay focused we can still turn this around.

Q: The team has played well on the road. Do you almost relax more on the road because there's not as much pressure?
A: I haven't noticed anything like that. I don't think so.

Q: Talk about Javarris James coming back.
A: That's exciting when you have him back - that adds a whole (new) dimension to your offense. He's an extremely talented running back. Throughout his career here he's been banged up at times, a lot of times has played through it. When he's playing through injuries he still did well, but just imagine what he could have done if he was fully healthy. Now he's coming back and will add a lot of firepower to our offense.

Q: What have you said to Robert and how has he handled getting benched the last two games?
A: I talked to him just to check on him because it is natural for guys to get a little down and he was fine. He was just happy we won the game.

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