Q&A with Dedrick Epps

Dedrick Epps is having a solid junior season at tight end for the Hurricanes. Read on to see what he's saying about the progression of the offense, the involvement of the tight ends, the Virginia game, and much more.

Q: Do you see the offense progressing?
A: Yes I do. At the beginning of the season I knew we would have to make some adjustment because of the freshman and find the right ones to help us. We knew they would all help us but it was about putting them in the right group. They all have the game experience they needed now and it is time to get on a roll.

Q: Why are the tight ends not as involved as past years?
A: We have a lot of great wide receivers like Travis Benjamin. If they can go get big plays we are going to throw to them. I would rather have Travis catch a 60 yarder than for me to catch a 15 yarder. We are still an option but we should be looking at those guys first.

Q: How much does it mean for you to go back and play in your home state?
A: It always feels good to beat the team from your area. They recruited me so it would feel good to beat them.

Q: How important is this game considering your meeting with Virginia last year?
A: It is very important. Last year was rough. I felt we let a lot of fans down and we let a lot of old players down.

Q: People said that the team quit in that game. Is that true?
A: No. We did not quit. We are Miami, we never quit.

Q: What did you feel walking off the field that game?
A: I felt like we let the whole city of Miami down. It was a really bad day. We know how bad we felt and we carry that with us. We need to make a statement this weekend and get back at them for that.

Q: It seems like the team is madder at themselves for last year than anything Virginia did. Is that true?
A: Yeah that is how we feel. We need to stop hurting ourselves. Last year was more about us. We need to play well.

Q: Is revenge the best motivation?
A: Yeah you can say that. We are definitely thinking about it.

Q: How do you guys let them freshman know what this game means?
A: They know. I am not worried about them. Those guys do not know how to lose. They are going to come out believing they are going to win every single game.

Q: How big was the Wake Forest win for this team?
A: It was huge. It was a big ACC win. We are trying to get to the ACC championship game. We are going at it one game at a time and that was a big win for us.

Q: How big would it be for you guys to win your 3rd conference game in a row?
A: Even more than getting them back for last year that is the goal. This season is the most important thing. We need to take it one game at a time and get a big ACC win this weekend.

Q: What do you know about the 3-4 defense?
A: I am not worried about it. Coach Nix is going to put us in the position to beat it and we just have to execute. We all trust the coaches and we will be alright.

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