Al Groh post-game quotes

The Hurricanes defeated Virginia by the score of 24-17 on Saturday afternoon. Read on to see what Virginia coach Al Groh was saying after the game.

On missed opportunities:
"We had our opportunities to take the game but we didn't do so in all three phases and, as a result, the game eventually got away from us. We had multiple opportunities to make plays but didn't come up with many of them. We played hard but we missed opportunities."

On an emotional loss:
"We've been on the other end of that type of deal before. It's heartbreaking to our team. There are real raw emotions in the locker room. They (the players) are in a real emotional state right now."

On Miami QB Jacory Harris
"Clearly he was the catalyst of what they did. The problem he posed for us was accuracy. We give him a lot of credit for coming in and performing the way he did especially in the critical situation for his team. One of the principle things going into the game was ‘keep the quarterback in the pocket.' Clearly we came up with less than we wanted in that circumstance."

On the game-ending fumble by Cedric Peerman:
"You can count on two fingers the number of turnovers he's had. Cedric has had our backs for many weeks and we have his back tonight."

On the Cavalier defense:
"We have to play the whole deal (the whole game) and we know that better than anybody. Right now we're looking for something to make us feel good and say we played well for a long time but we didn't do it long enough."

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