Shannon post-game quotes

The Hurricanes defeated Virginia by the score of 24-17 on Saturday afternoon. Read on to see what Coach Shannon was saying after the game.

On the 95-yard drive
"I think we had to have it as a team. I think these are the things you look at from this team. Either way it goes, both quarterbacks gave us the opportunity to move. Like I said earlier this season, when Robert (Marve) is in the game Jacory (Harris) learns a lot and he sees certain things. And then when Robert is on the bench he sees a couple things. They were doing a nice job with these things. We have to recognize where the safety was fitting in. I think we did a tremendous job of getting out of the pocket and setting things up again and we got a touchdown by Laron Byrd."

On QB Jacory Harris
"He was just moving the ball tonight. You know, if somebody's hot you go with it. Then we went into overtime and he was hot so we just went with it. That's just the way it is.

"It's unbelievable what he does, I mean he's got a knack for it. He knows what his mistakes are, but he knows where things come from. And you look at both of those guys, Robert and Jacory, and they find a way to move out of danger a little bit to buy themselves time for the receivers to get open. I think you just have to have a knack for that."

On the defense in the second half and overtime
"It was a tremendous adjustment. Coach Young and the defensive staff recognized what they were doing. They were running the football, running a power game and getting kicked out and ended up inside and then our corners would make the plays. I think we adjusted to it and found a way to recognize what they were doing and then we changed a little bit defensively and got them into some good situations to give them plays on the negative side on offense."

On penalties
"I think it's just anxiousness. When (Matt) Pipho went in there, it was his first snap and I know what he was thinking, ‘I gotta get my block, I gotta get my block, I gotta get my block,' and he lost concentration. I think those things as a young team, when they get older you will see those types of things stop happening. Pipho, he's old but he's young—it's really maybe the second game he's ever played for the University of Miami."

On how the victory impacts morale
"It's a tremendous lift to this football team. You can look at this football team and see where we're going. We've accomplished a lot of things but it's not enough. We have our mind set on moving forward and trying to get this team to where we want to be as a group. And I think you can look at this team and you're going to say ‘how can they do the things they do.' It's come from hard work and dedication to this program by these guys on this football team."

"This is four games in a row that we've won. We haven't won four games in a row in a while and then you go on the road to a team that's been on a four-game win streak itself and they've been playing tremendous football. They don't beat themselves. You've got to make them play like they did today. They were solid on offense, solid on defense, solid on special teams. You've got to make sure you're playing the best game you can play to give yourself a chance."

On being on the road
"It's about time for us to break. We've been on the road for about five or six weeks, so it's about time for us to break. We're going to take some time off a little bit to recuperate and get back into academics. Our guys are going to study hard and focus on grades more than anything. We've got a stretch to go – we have to get back in the weight room and get refreshed and get back strong."

On bowl eligibility
"These guys aren't thinking about the bowl – they're thinking about the next game. Our goal is to win our games—we don't think about the bowl, we just think about the football game that we have to play and what we have to do as the University of Miami football team."

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