Jacory Harris: post-game quotes

The Hurricanes defeated Virginia by the score of 24-17 on Saturday, thanks to an excellent performance by quarterback Jacory Harris. Read on to see what quarterback Harris was saying after the game.

On his role at the end of the game…
"We had like five minutes left. I just knew that we had to play our ball. We just had to protect the ball and do everything the coaches told us. We just had to make plays and do things to get this team get behind us. So I just knew I needed to go out there and make plays and make things happen by using my playmaking skills."

On how he handled Virginia's defense and his scrambling for plays
"I didn't scramble to find open lanes. You just have to get out of the pocket and make a play. I wasn't expecting anything when I scrambled on that last drive to get us into field goal range. I wasn't thinking Travis [Benjamin] was going to come back to the ball, but he had good instincts and he came back. I said ‘I gotta squeeze this in there' and as I was getting hit I just threw it. I didn't know if he caught it or not."

On his nerves
"I can't get nervous because if I get nervous it's like a compulsion. Our offensive line, receivers and running backs, they can see that. If they look into your eyes and see that you're scared then they're going to be scared themselves. If your nervous, just act like you're not nervous."

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