UVA players: post-game quotes

The Hurricanes defeated Virginia by the score of 24-17 on Saturday afternoon. Read on to see what some of the Virginia players were saying after the game.

Virginia senior linebacker Clint Sintim
On Miami's two touchdown drives late in the game:
"Usually those types of plays go in our favor. Hats off to them, they played a great game. They closed it out in the end, so they deserved to win."

On the late turnovers by Marc Verica and Cedric Peerman:
"It's unfortunate. Those are two of our best players and sometimes the ball just flies out like that. They made a lot of great plays for us today and they really carried the team. Sometimes it just happens like that. It's unfortunate, but we still stand behind those guys; those guys are two members that have worked the hardest for this team."

On Miami's game-winning touchdown pass:
"Coach (Groh) emphasized keeping them in the pocket and I may have gotten a little too antsy. He made a great move and came around the outside and just aired it out there. Their receiver made a great jump on the ball and that was a touchdown. They made a great play and they had an opportunity to make the play and they did, so my hat is off to them."

Virginia junior wide receiver Kevin Ogletree:
On his 16-yard touchdown off of the reverse:
"It was a play that we hit on a couple of years ago and it worked really well so we put it back in the game plan. There was some great blocking and I just got out."

On the offensive struggles in the second half:
"We were just trying to move the ball up and get it as close to the goal line as we could and get some points on the board. It didn't really happen and we wish we could have just had a little bit more in the second half. Our defense played a great game all around and if we could have it back, we would have tried to get some more points up."

Virginia sophomore quarterback Marc Verica:
On the offense in the first half:
"We were executing nicely in the first half but we still weren't finishing drives the way we should have been. It was nice to get a 17-10 lead going into halftime. We knew we would have to play our best half of football in the second half to win the game and we didn't. Miami deserves a lot of credit. We had many opportunities to take control of the game. When you don't take control of the game, that's what happens—the other team does. Hats off to them, they played a great game. We are just looking to bounce back and get ready for Wake Forest."

On the offense struggling in the second half:
"It's frustrating because the defense was doing a great job of holding them off and giving us great field position. To not get anything out of those drives is really frustrating."

On fumbling in the fourth quarter:
"The guy (Sean Spence) made a good play stripping me there. That's completely my fault for not securing the ball in such a crucial situation. It's something to work on; ball security was definitely important in today's game and that's something that we have to work on."

Virginia redshirt freshman wide receiver Jared Green:
On his first career touchdown reception:
"It was big. It was kind of emotional for me because we wanted to prove that we are the great team that we are. It was wide open and the ball just came to me, but we needed more."

On losing such a close game:
"It hurts – it hurts really badly because I know that we are a great team. It's stuff like that that we always practice and work on before the game. We didn't execute the way that we wanted to. "

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