Brock Berlin Q&A

Brock Berlin got a glimpse of what major college football is like under former Florida coach Steve Spurrier. Now, he is sitting back watching University of Miami senior quarterback Ken Dorsey tear into the school record books.

And waiting his turn.

With Dorsey playing his final games at the school many believe Berlin is next in line to replace him, starting in the spring of 2003. CanesTime recently caught up with Berlin.

What have you been able to pick up just watching Kenny?
He never loses his patience even if things aren't going well. Kenny hardly forces anything and that is a mistake a lot of quarterbacks tend to make.

Is it tough to sit there and watch while the team wins?
Yeah, of course you want to be in there. But that's out of my hands. I'm just waiting my turn.

When you do get that chance a lot of people believe some more quarterback records might fall at UM. Do you thrive on that kind of pressure or wish it wasn't there?
I'm a competitor that just enjoys being on the football field. Whatever people want to say or write I can't really worry about.

What would you say are your strengths as a quarterback?
I think I have pretty good arm strength and the ability to find the open receiver. Obviously, I will need some more time with the guys here.

There is plenty of anticipation surrendering your debut in a University of Miami uniform. What are your thoughts on possibly replacing Ken Dorsey?
A lot has been made of that but I'm just doing my job right now. I'm getting prepared and learning as much as possible so when the time comes I'll be ready. I can't predict what's going to happen. That's in the hands of the coaching staff.

Why Miami?
I felt this was a good situation for me, somewhere that I could develop. The people at Florida treated me great. I just felt I needed to make this move.

What was playing for Spurrier like?
I didn't have a problem with it. He wants to win so bad that sometimes people take that the wrong way. Coach Spurrier is just a competitive person like any other guy in this game.

Florida is on the 2003 schedule. Have you taken a peek?
It would a great thrill if I got to face such a program in the Orange Bowl. But I have a lot of work before I can even think of that.

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