Shannon addresses QB situation

Jacory Harris and Robert Marve have been doing an excellent job with their rotation in recent weeks and Coach Shannon addressed the quarterback situation heading into next week's game against Virginia Tech.

On the rotation of quarterbacks:
We'll do the same thing. Both guys are great for this program and thay have a great partnership. They're two quarterbacks competing and they're team-orinted. They're not selfish. That's been a tremendous boost for us. Everyone else sees that and we can win with both of them.

On deciding when Harris goes into the game:
Starting off the game, he's always gonna play the fourth series of the game. That's the normal rotation we're doing. Then we come back in the second half and if we feel like he needs to go in, we'll put him in the second half.

On how the two quarterbacka are handling it:
They love it. You should see them on the sidelines. Robert will be in the game and Jacory will roll by and say he's gonna hit this for a 10-yard competition if they roll to a cover three. Jacory will be in the game and Robert will roll by and say if they zone blitz, it's a hot read and it should get us 15 yards real quick. They compliment each other well.

On any problems it causes:
The biggest problem we have is that people are making more out of it than it is. We have two great quarterbacks helping the University of Miami win football games. Those guys have had a great relationship since high school. When Jacory was in high school, Robert would go to his games and then on Sunday Jacory would come watch Robert practice.

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