Shannon has lots of respect for Va Tech

Randy Shannon has a lot of experience coaching against Virginia Tech, going back to his days as a linebackers coach under Butch Davis. He has a lot of respect for their team and program. Read on to see what Shannon's saying about them as the game draws closer.

On the bye week:
We're coming off a bye week. We really concentrated on getting better, working on the small things.

On Virginia Tech:
Coach Beamer and his staff have done a tremendous job over the years. Bud Foster is one of the great coordinators in our league and in the country. They do a great job of stopping the run and creating turnovers. Coach Beamer does a great job coaching the special teams. It'll be a tremendous challenge for us to keep playing well and to keep focused. We have to be sound and be calm.

On Thursday home games compared to Saturday:
You really can't tell because it's different in my mind. Our fan base is different than most colleges. I just think a night game, more than a day game, is more electric in Miami.

On preparing for the unknown at quarterback:
We just gotta go on what we saw on film. We just have to prepare for what they do on offense. It's gonna be a smash mouth running game where they'll try creating some play action passes. They do a tremendous job of being patient with their running game and we gotta stop the run.

On 280-pound Greg Boone in the "Wild Turkey" formation:
It's a chance for him to run the football, get two, three, four yards at a time. He's a big guy who can move the pile.

On being six points from being 8-1:
We look at it differently -- are we getting better each week? In some areas, we're getting a lot better. In some areas, we're not picking it up as much. The more we keep improving is where we need to be as a football team. This game is another step against a tremendous opponent like Virginia Tech.

On if any particular player for Virginia Tech stands out:
When you play against those guys, it's not a player. It's what they do, scheme-wise. Defensively, their system is sound. There's not one guy who steps out and has 18 tackles, two sacks. Everyone will be sound. Offensively, their running backs will doa nice job, the offensive line does a tremendous job, and the quarterback does a tremendous job of managing the game. They're very sound at what they do and no one player's gonna make a difference.

On VT running back Darren Evans's performance against Maryland:
They got back to what they believe in and that's running the ball, playing special teams, and creating turnovers on defense. They believe in those things and we have to stop the run.

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