Fox returns; other news

Coach Shannon addressed the media this morning and here is some of what he was talking about.

* The team had a good practice on Sunday. The offense worked on scoring in the redzone. The defense worked on stopping the run.

* Georgia Tech's D-Line is excellent. The key is to being patient on Thursday. It's a long game and they have to stick to their plan.

* Their O-Line is quick and they like to go after your legs. That's why it's such a challenge this week in practice because we don't have the scout team personnel to show what they do.

* For the defense, this game is more about assignment football than any other. It's not about who makes the most plays, it's who executes their assignments.

* You must have a lot of guys chasing the ball. That's especially important in this game.

* The defensive coaches went back and watched film of Ga Tech's offense when Paul Johnson was at Navy.

* They're going to get their rushing yards; you just can't break. The same goes for going against a run-n-shoot offense. They'll get their passing yards. You can bend but just can't break.

* Big keys to the game are winning field position and not turning the ball over offensively because their defense does a nice job of creating those.

* A big reason he brought Bill Young in is because of how many of his former players have a tremendous amount of respect for him.

* The tight ends are being thrown to. Chris Zellner just needs to catch the football.

* There were some drops against Va Tech and those need to be corrected this week.

* The defense made third down defense a major emphasis in practice and that's been the biggest reason for the turnaround they've made in that area since early in the season.

* He's happy with how a lot of the penalties have been corrected lately.

* Regarding being ranked 23rd, "big deal, we got a game to win," was his response. He doesn't even look at it.

* Josh Holmes was getting good push inside and it allowed the defensive ends to get a couple sacks because of it. His job is to push the pocket to let the ends make the plays. He's doing a nice job of that. He plays all third downs and in two-minute drills.

* This is the most depth the defense has had since "Orien Harris's last year here".

* Jason Fox practiced yesterday and "will be ready to go" on Thursday. Reggie Youngblood will start at right tackle.

* Teams are punting the ball higher than they were earlier in the season and Va Tech was using both sides of the field and that's why UM went with two punt returners at one point last week.

* UM recruited GT DT Darryl Richard out of H.S. and he does a nice job for them. Defensive end Derrick Morgan does a great job for them, too, and the Canes tried recruiting him out of high school.

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