Recruiting the Parents

University of Miami head coach Randy Shannon talked about the Georgia Tech game, why his team has been improving each week, what a chance to play for the ACC title would mean, recruiting high character kids, and what they sell the parents of recruits on.

On Georgia Tech:
It's gonna be a difficult challenge to us on defense with the triple option they have. That always gives them a chance to have big plays so we have to be sound on defense and not give up the big plays on play-action pass. On offense, we have to be good up front. They put tremendous pressure on you and it all starts up front. This may be another defensive game or it may be an explosive game. It'll truly be an excellent time.

On the team's improvement since early in the season:
We stayed to the focus of the players. We corrected mistakes we made in the games we lost. We kept coaching, being positive, and the players responded. We're getting back to where we wanted to be.

On what type of things they worked on the most:
There's always something you have to correct each week It's no specific area. We worked on third down defense, third down offense. We worked on our redzone. We worked in penalties. We worked on everything that was giving us problems the week before. We're getting better each week, too. We had 12 or 13 penalties against Virginia and came back and corrected those against Virginia Tech (with just one penalty). Early in the season we weren't scoring in the redzone and we corrected that. We corrected our third down defense.

On what a potential ACC title would mean:
It would mean a lot because of how far we've come as a football team. It would help the morale of the team and the program. We still have a long ways to go as football team because we're very young still. We just gotta see how much we can keep improving.

On playing both quarterbacks all season:
We didn't have any depth at that position. We were gonna play a redshirt freshman or a true freshman. We had to build depth. When injuries come, you gotta have somebody else ready. The quarterbacks and the receivers, the more reps they get in games, the better they'll be at the end of the season.

On whether anything changes from each quarterback being in the game:
We run the same offense, don't call plays any differently. Both quarterbacks work with the first and second units. You watch them practice, the way they communicate, always talking, it's been great.

On the high character kids being recruited in recent years:
It's a big part of it. When you recruit, you have to look at all phases -- academically, are they into getting their degree? You look at character issues, what players you want representing your program.

On what they try selling the parents on:
Myself, and with this whole staff, we go in and be honest. We tell them what we expect. We want the kids to have a passion for school, a passion for getting a degree, a passion for football and their teammates and winning. The last thing we talk about is the NFL. We talk about doing the right things on and off the field.

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