Spence is excited for tonight

Sean Spence is very excited for tonight's game against Georgia Tech. Read on to see what he's saying about the team's progress, the direction they're going, what tonight's game means, defending the triple option, and more.

Q: Talk about what it means having this team ranked in the top 25.
A: We just came out playing ball like coach Shannon always wants us to play. We feel all the hard work is finally paying off.

Q: Do players talk a lot about this team finally getting back in the rankings?
A: We don't talk too much about it. We just worry about playing at Georgia Tech, trying to play Miami football and come out with a W. We do not worry about what others are saying.

Q: Did you face a similar option offense in high school?
A: Yes. Lake Brantley ran a similar offense in the 2006 state title game. Facing this type of offense everybody has to do their job. This type of offense depends on somebody to make a mistake to get big plays.

Q: Is it fun playing on a Thursday night?
A: It's lots of fun just to know you're being watched by the whole nation. You have a chance to display your talents. You know it's a big game when you look up and you have the big sky camera flying down. That makes you feel good, gives you the opportunity to show the world what you're all about.

Q: Does it get you more pumped up?
A: Not really. I just want to go out there and fly around like I always do.

Q: This team controls its own destiny. How great a feeling is that?
A: It's a good feeling. Control your own destiny, or someone will control it for you. We control our own destiny.

Q:You win these last two games, you're in the ACC title game.
A: That would be a big stride. It would show the whole world that Miami is back and that we're on the rise.

Q: How do you deal with the cold weather?
A: We have to go out there and not worry about the weather. We go out and run around, it shouldn't be a factor. It was kind of cold up there at Duke, but not that cold, so I haven't experienced this type of weather yet. It is still football though.

Q: This freshman class is helping turn this team around.
A: The whole team, we're putting in the work and the time. We have a whole bunch of outstanding football players that have helped turn this team around. It is a group effort.

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