Wild Ride Ends in Tempe, or does it?

Wild is the best way to describe last Saturday's game between the Hokies of Virginia Tech and your Miami Hurricanes. The game reminded me of the ‘Canes 1998 contest with then ranked #2 UCLA. In a back-and-forth game, the ‘Canes came back from 17 points down to win 49-45. The score wasn't nearly as close in this one, and the ‘Canes clearly dominated the game on the field.

The Hokies amassed 364 yards of total offense to Miami's 556. Had it not been for a few miscues on special teams, and the now infamous "call," the ‘Canes would have put the Hokies to bed much earlier.

Now, I can't in good conscious speak any further without discussing the "call." I for one and glad that the ‘Canes ran the play on Saturday. Why? Because the game was won despite it, and hopefully, it will never be called again in that situation. Lets not forget however, that the offense was very efficient throughout the game. As bad as the "call," was, the offense made up for it by putting 56 points on the board.

Memo to the Coaches: Next time you have the ball at the one yard-line with four plays to stick it in for 6, give the ball to Willis, and let him get it for you. There was absolutely no reason to take that risk at that time. None!

O.K., that's out of my system. In the biggest game of the year thus far, the ‘Canes big three on offense played about as well as you can ask. Ken Dorsey completed 12 passes for 300 yards. That is amazing. Willis McGahee accumulated yardage at a constant pace to finish with 205 yards off 39 carries. And what can you say about Andre Johnson's performance?

After 12 games, the ‘Canes are again, undefeated heading into their showdown against the Ohio State Buckeyes. What an amazing season. A renewal of a heated rivalry in Gainesville. Another classic game against the Seminoles that ended in a missed field goal. A trip to Knoxville with a dominating performance to take home as a souvenir.

Many experts thought that the ‘Canes would lose as many as two to three games this season. They focused on our young secondary as their reason for downgrading the ‘Canes. Well, that secondary is ranked #1 in the nation in terms of passing yardage allowed. So much for the experts.

It was truly a great season. Now, in less than a month, the Hurricanes are going to try to accomplish the rare feat of successfully defending a National Championship. Amazing now to think that the ‘Canes should already be two-time defending National Champion, playing for their third straight title.

‘Canes fans, enjoy this ride, and never forget it. The last time a program won so many games in a row was 30 years ago. And that was an era of more scholarships and a wide talent disparity between the have-s and the have-nots. What the ‘Canes are currently doing coming from a small private school with less than 10,000 students is amazing.

We really don't appreciate the gravity of UM's accomplishments. We expect it, and interestingly enough, I believe that this attitude breeds the continued success of the program. You can't rest on your laurels when you are a Hurricane, because you have to get ready for the next game. The desire to win is as great now as it was in October of 2000 when we were desperate to throw the 800 pound Florida State monkey off our back. Amazing to think that in three years, we had gone from being a team with a losing record to the foundation of something so special it is hard to describe. I don't know about you, but I don't want this ride to end, I want to keep on riding, all the way through Tempe (and the Buckeys) and back.

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