Q&A with LaRon Byrd

LaRon Byrd is having a good freshman season for the Hurricanes this year. Read on to see what Byrd is talking about as the Canes get set to play their final regular season game of the year.

Q: What is the team's attitude now?
A: It's a must-win for us. We have to go out and finish on a good note. We don't want to finish with a bad taste in our mouth. In order to get to a good bowl game we have to go out and win. The team attitude is more motivated than last week. I think we got a little overconfident thinking we had five straight wins and if we had that win we'd be automatically going to the ACC Championship. We still have a chance to finish off strong.

Q: So there's still a lot to play for?
A: Oh, yes, most definitely. There's always a lot to play for. Even if you have a losing record we still have to play for pride, play for the school each and every week. We just have to go out there and execute. We're playing for our pride and respect. It's showing that Miami isn't going to back down no matter what. Even if we had a losing record we still have to go out and win. We aren't going to lay down for anybody. It's an important game for them because they're trying to get to a bowl game; it's an important game for us trying to end a good winning season. It can be a nice building block for next season.

Q: They need to win, and it's senior day. Do you expect everything they have?
A: Of course. If we were in their predicament we'd do the same thing. We have to get a win. It's going to be a hard-fought battle. As long as we come out victorious, it's all that matters.

Q: Does the team feel like `Let's keep them out of a bowl game' for you guys after last year?
A: It's definitely going to be like payback, a must-win for us. We know they kind of did that to us last year so it would be nice to get them back.

Q: Is it important which bowl you go to?
A: It doesn't matter about the bowl game. The only thing that matters is the W. The bowl game is up to the rankings. I don't look at the bowl game situations. I only look at the national championship. Unfortunately we couldn't make it to that, but as long as we win out I'm alright.

Q: You said the team was overconfident in that loss at Georgia Tech?
A: We had so much at stake, felt we'd automatically win that game, go to the ACC Championship, win that and go to the Orange Bowl. We were looking too far down the road instead of one game at a time. We got off our natural routine, which was one game at a time. We just got overconfident with that. Unfortunately it didn't work out the way we wanted.

Q: The freshmen receivers haven't made as many big plays recently. Have you guys hit a bit of a wall or are defenses playing you better?
A: I think little bit of both. Defenses have started to catch on to us. The receivers are inexperienced, so a lot of things we think we're doing well we're not really doing well. DB's are catching on, "Oh, I know this guy, what type of route he's going to run." That's all about us perfecting our craft each and every day at practice.

Q: There's a lot of talent on this team. But no real playmaker has emerged as a go-to guy. Does that have to happen for this team to make that next step?
Byrd: I feel everybody's a playmaker, because everyone on offense has an opportunity to score from the running backs to the WRs. Sure it would have been great to have an All-American at WR coming in, but that is not the situation. It gives us the chance to get a lot of experience early so that in the future we can be a really special group.

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