Marve not happy after last week

Robert Marve is excited to play against N.C. State later today. Read on to see what his reaction after the Georgia Tech game was, what the team's playing for right now, his thoughts on today's opponent, and his thoughts on the overall season.

Q: What are you guys playing for on Saturday now that you are out of the ACC race?
A: We are playing for pride. We do not like losing so we are going to do our best to win. We wanted to be the best team in the nation, but this year wasn't our year for all that. We're just looking at NC State and trying to get our 8th win.

Q: Did the team get caught up in being ranked and winning the ACC that it forgot to focus on Georgia Tech?
A: I don't think so at all. We just fell in the trap a little bit. It's one of those games you have to win when the ball doesn't bounce your way. It felt the ball didn't bounce our way the whole game. It was a learning experience. They had a great crowd, great team, and they proved to be better than us that night.

Q: What was your reaction after the game?
A: I was just pissed off. You never expect that outcome. We felt very good about the game play, the situation of their team versus us. It didn't end up as we'd like it. You can't cry over spilled milk. You need to move on and worry about the next game.

Q: What do you learn from a loss like that?
A: The atmosphere plus the cold was something different for us. The different fronts we saw – how to react as an offense to put points on the board. And just fighting together. We lost that fight, but it was good for us to be in that atmosphere at an away game.

Q: Would you consider this season a success?
A: We still have another game and bowl game to figure out how this season is going to wind up. I am not ready to talk about it as a whole yet.

Q: What do you know about NC State?
A: NC State's a very good team. They played very strong last weekend. Those guys seemed to be coming around in their own way, making a strong push. We're going to have to be ready, watching out for the blitz they bring, the safeties they roll to, be ready for everything they've got.

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