Q&A with Antonio Dixon

Antonio Dixon will be playing his final regular season football game as a Miami Hurricane against N.C. State on Saturday. Read on to see what Dixon's saying leading up to the game.

Q: What happened in the loss to Georgia Tech?
A: We had a terrible game. Everyone had to do their part and it was everybody's fault. Playing a team like that you have to be real sound and disciplined. We just did not play well.

Q: What made the triple option so hard to stop?
A: It was kind of crazy. We just didn't stick with our assignments and they really made us pay for it. They did a great job, but it was our fault also.

Q: How important is this game vs. NC State really now that you are eliminated from ACC play?
A: We don't like losing. I just hate that, losing. We have a chance to finish 8-4, so we're going to do that. It would make a real big difference. I want to end my season with 2 wins.

Q: How does the defense get back to how it was playing before the loss vs. NC state?
A: Our coaches will have a game plan for us and we just have to execute. We know if we do our jobs we can be very successful.

Q: Is the defense missing a guy who can just take over the game every week?
A: The whole D line has played the same amount of plays. We're rotating, everyone coming in fresh and new. You aren't going to see any Miami tackle make 80 tackles a season or 10 sacks because we play so much in a three-deep. When you get in you have to do your part.

Q: Is this team motivated for this week?
A: The motivation is there. Last season they beat us, so we want to get them back for that. They kept us out of a bowl last year so we want to do the same to them.

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