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Stephen Plein committed to Miami back in the summer and he took his official visit to the school over the weekend. Read on, as Plein talked about a number of things regarding the visit, recruiting, and the program.

"I just got back today from my visit to Miami," Stephen Plein said. "I had a great time. It was a lot of fun. There were seven of us out there and five of us were already committed."

Plein, 6-foot-6 and 247 pounds, detailed what he did on the trip over the weekend.

"On Friday, we got a tour of the campus and did a lot of the academic stuff," he said. "On Saturday, we saw a lot of the football side of things. We watched practice, hung out with the players, and things like that. Then today we had breakfast with the coaches, met with Coach Shannon, and then headed home."

Plein said one of the most impressive parts of the visit is how much the recruits were fed and where they stayed.

"Man, that was amazing," he said. "We ate so much and so much great food. We stayed at a really nice hotel. I was about 12 stories up and when I walked out onto my patio in my room, I was looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. It was great."

The talented tight end prospect, who was hosted by Matt Pipho, spent a lot of time with the six other recruits and talked about some of them.

"All but two of us were already committed," he said. "The two guys who aren't sure yet were the two offensive linemen -- (Bobby) Massie and (Daniel) Campbell. They were pretty cool. We were all giving them crap last night about how this will be what it's like when we're all at Miami. We were trying to get them. I know they went out to South Beach and were having a great time. They're like best friends so I think there's a real good chance they'll go to the same college and I know they both really liked Miami a lot. We could use some more lineman and I know Coach Stoutland would love to have both of those guys. I liked Mike James a lot. He was real funny. He was always smiling, having a good time."

Another player Plein talked about was defensive end Olivier Vernon.

"I know he already visited a few other schools (Alabama and Florida State) but we were hanging out with him and his family all weekend," he said. "He's definitely still committed to Miami. I know you guys list him as a soft commit but he's definitely a hard commit, I think. He's kinda quiet so I could see how people might not be sure what he's gonna do."

Saturday gave Plein a chance to watch practice, as Miami held their first session in preparation for their bowl game in a couple weeks.

"I watched the tight ends, followed them around," he said. "I know (Chris) Zellner will be gone. There's talk of (Dedrick) Epps going early to the NFL but Coach Pannunzio never said anything about that. Him and Richard Gordon would be seniors. Basically Coach Pannunzio said that he's getting me ready for Ohio State at the start of my sophomore year. I'm gonna use this year to go in and learn and compete and then I'll have a big opportunity to step in at the start of 2010 -- me and Billy Sanders."

Speaking of Sanders, he's the other tight end commitment along with Plein. The coaches are still working on Orson Charles but Plein isn't sure of Miami's chances there.

"I know he's a great player, a great receiver," he said. "I think he's kinda leaning to Georgia though so I'm not sure he'll be coming to Miami. We'll have to see."

Plein also had a chance to spend one-on-one time with some of the coaches.

"All the coaches were there and around for the weekend," he said. "I got a chance to spend time with Coach Pannunzio. We watched Cal film together in the tight ends room. I ate breakfast with him today. Coach Shannon met with me and my parents before we left. He was just saying how they're getting good kids who don't have an "I" personality. He's getting guys who have good character and who are all about the team. You could see that by how well all seven of us came together over the weekend. It was like a big family so I hope those other two guys join us here."

The standout tight end prospect said he's already had visits with coaches Robinsona (his area recruiting coach) and Pannunzio.

"Coach Robinson came to my house and Coach Pannunzio came to my school," he said. "They're coming back to my house with Coach Shannon in January so that'll be real cool."

Plein is expected to graduate high school early and enroll at Miami next month.

"All I have left is I'm waiting on finals," he said. "After I finish those up, I'll be good to go. I'm real excited. I can't wait."

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