Super LB Loves UM Visit

One of the top linebacker prospects in the country took an official visit to Miami this past weekend. He came away very impressed and we have the details in this interview.

At 6-foot-2 and 226 pounds, Brandywine (Md.) Gwynn Park standout linebacker Wes Jefferson took an official visit to Miami this weekend and really enjoyed it.

"Oh man, I loved it," Jefferson said. "The first thing I noticed when I got off the plane is the temperature. It's been snowing here lately, freezing and stuff like that. It definitely wasn't snowing in Miami."

Jefferson said everything about the visit was good.

"Everything was straight," he said. "The academic part was good. That's a real good school. The players and coaches were awesome."

Jefferson said one thing really stood out to him with regards to seeing UM for the first time.

"I saw the weight room and all the new stuff," he said. "That was all great and everything but the amazing thing about it is that up until recently, they really never bad a big weight room or anything like that. But that never stopped them from winning four national championships. I can't believe it. There's a big difference now and they don't seem to lose anymore. If they were able to win the titles before, you'd think they can keep winning them and they're probably going to get another one next month."

Jefferson made the visit with his father, who traveled by train to Miami.

"He liked it a lot," he said. "He was real impressed. The thing is, he wasn't sure about me going that far away from home at first but after he was able to see everything in person and see where I'd be spending all my college time, he changed his mind. He loved the visit too and we both think Miami's a great place."

The standout linebacker is being recruited by Vernon Hargreaves and he also had a chance to meet UM head coach Larry Coker.

"Oh man, he's a funny guy," Jefferson laughed. "He always has people laughing. He's just a real good guy and a great coach."

Jefferson hung out with UM linebacker Leon Williams and freshman defensive lineman Baraka Atkins.

"They both love it at Miami," he said. "Leon told me he's already five times better now than he was in high school so it shows you how good the coaching is. Baraka is only a freshman and will start playing more next year. It's funny because I thought I had long arms but not compared to him."

Jefferson said he had a chance to meet and hang out with fellow visitors Victor Abiamiri and Joel Holler.

"Victor is a big guy," he said. "He seemed to be having a good time too. I've never seen him play but I guess he's real good. Joel is huge! He's like 6-6 and 350 pounds."

Jefferson said he noticed something about the depth chart at UM.

"They're losing a bunch of linebackers after next year," he said. "They'll be losing guys like DJ Williams, Vilma, #45, and some of the 2nd team guys. They need some linebackers and they want me to play in the middle."

So after a successful visit, where do the Hurricanes rank on Jefferson's list?

"I couldn't even say right now," he said. "I don't even know who my favorite one is. I'm going to Maryland next weekend, then Ohio State on the 11th and Notre Dame on the 17th. I probably won't even take that fifth one."

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