Season over -- Shannon talks team

The 2008 season is now in the books and head coach Randy Shannon took some time to break down his team's personnel. He talked about some returning players, some who are leaving, some who are injured, the Robert Marve situation, and why he believes next year will be a lot better. Read on, as you don't want to miss what he's saying here.

Q: What is the situation with Robert Marve?
A: Sometime in the near future me and Robert and his dad will talk about what he wants to do, what we can do to make him get better at the University of Miami or other options that he may want. We'll talk later on and go through those.

Q: Will anyone not be available for Spring Practice?
A: Colin McCarthy and Tervaris Johnson.

Q: Who should be cleared for Spring?
A: Kendal Thompkins, Tommy Streeter and Vaughn Telemaque.

Q: Will Anthony Reddick appeal for another year?
A: Reddick's going to leave, take that next step.

Q: What about Randy Phillips?
A: Randy is waiting on the NCAA to see if he can get an extra year.

Q: How many kids could you sign in this class?
A: We'll try to sign 27.

Q: When do you sit down and see the improvement made this season?
A: It'll hit me when you start looking at film over the course of the season, evaluating film on players. The last three games were tough, especially last game. We knew we had to get to the fourth quarter, keep it close, and we did. Unfortunately they got a play at the end of the game and we didn't. That's something that really got us.

Q: This team has been through a lot in the last month. Guys have been hurt, suspended. The bowl game was essentially a road game. Is there any good feeling you take out of the bowl loss?
A: You take out of last night using Tyrone Byrd at tight end because we didn't have numbers. Dedrick Epps got hurt Wednesday in practice. You see we were able to run an offense effectively and move the football against Cal. They may have defensive-wise been No. 1 or 2 in that conference. You see Zellner catching the passes he did, watch Lee Chambers when Javarris got nicked up. He's been nicked up all season long, it seems like. But you see Chambers develop and step up. Those are things you get happy about. Guys are able to respond in adverse situations in tough times when your number is called to do something, to execute.

Q: Do you have an idea what the depth chart will look like in the spring?
A: Probably too early. Some guys will get surgeries. I don't know what extent that will be. That always happens this time of the season. We'll start up the last week of February and will end probably March 27th, 28th. We're going to start early and end early.

Q: Will Jacory need shoulder surgery?
A: Don't know. Maybe just time will heal it. Hopefully not

Q: There were a lot of suspensions for the bowl game.
A: When you get any young man that goes through tough times, it's our job to keep helping them be the best they can be. It's like kids. They screw up, you don't just throw them to the wolves. You take for instance Sam Shields. Sam did some things last year. We coached him out of it. It's kind of that tough love situation. That's how we have to be, because we have to be parents to them. They understand and they're doing a great job for us.

Q: You have said you're not the most patient guy. Can you look past 7-6 and see hope for 10 wins?
A: Yes. When you have Fox, Orlando, Trump, Figueroa coming back, and Pipho has played in some games. Now we have to develop that next set of offensive line, find three. You look at the quarterbacks, the running backs. You have Javarris ,Cooper and Lee now that have played and showed promise. You look at the tight ends. Dedrick is coming back, Richard is back. The receivers, all those guys are coming back and you're adding on. Defensively you miss Glenn Cook. Inside Marcus Forston and those guys have to grow up. You get Colin back, Moncur back. You have Van Dyke and Brandon Harris back. And Joe Joseph is coming back and Hill should be a lot better than he is now. Now Telemaque, who is promising, who we felt as a staff could have been by the fourth game starting, he's back. Saying all those numbers, now the offensive line we have to get depth. That's the one thing we have to get is depth. Defensive backs, we have to get depth. We have the front guys. Now we have to get depth to develop.

Q: What did you see from Telemaque before he was hurt?
A: He's got great, great ball skills, is very competitive and will run. He's an aggressive kid in the run game, is kind of a vocal leader. You see Sean Spence out there, see those guys out there, then you can see what I'm talking about when he comes on the football field.

Q: Does Telemaque remind you of any past Miami safeties?
A: Don't know yet. But you see him on scout team going like Edward was - just go get the football out of the air, be in position to make kill shots, but he doesn't because it's practice.

Q: Where does Jake Wieclaw fit in?
A: He's got to get better. He has to take some responsibility off Bosher as far as our kickoffs. We need Jake to be the kickoff guy.

Q: Talk about the development of Chambers.
A: He's been running the ball pretty well in practice. Lee got hurt in the middle of the season; him and Javarris got hurt around the same time. We were lucky that Lee was back healthy in the bowl game.

Q: Is he a guy you'd like to get in more next year?
A: Yes. But it's going to be up to him. Some young guys can handle success, and some can't. Next year these young guys, we're bringing other guys in at their position. Guys (have to) keep working and getting better. They can't rely on what they did last year. They have to keep getting better this year.

Q: So it's competition at every position in the spring.
A: Every one. Every job is open. It starts all over. You don't want anybody to get relaxed, in a comfort zone and not work.

Q: Do you really expect anyone to sit back and think `I'm the guy?'
A: No. I don't think they will, because spending a year with me this year they know if you don't play, we'll just start someone else, move on, and someone will step in, do a great job.

Q: Speaking as a coach, do you think your son, Xavier, has a chance at the next level?
A: He's small. Someone may take a chance. I told him if he has an opportunity, that's up to you. If someone gives you a free agent contract, take it and go for it. But don't expect anything.

Q: Any chance he cold be a coach here?
A: No. For me? No. Not with me. He wants to coach. He's very smart. Coach Stoutland says he's very smart. If he says he wants to get involved I'll make phone calls to schools, if they have any graduate position jobs open.

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