Breaking Down the Robert Marve situation

What does the transfer of Robert Marve mean for the University of Miami? Where does it go from here? Lets take a closer look by breaking down the whole situation.

The writers of discuss the Robert Marve by answering the question: What does Marve's transfer mean for Miami and where does it go from here?

RAUL TANO: Easy question. It means Jacory Harris is Miami's starting quarterback and Hurricane fans need not worry about what Robert Marve or his father say to the media. We all thought Robert Marve would be incredibly successful at Miami because he had a strong arm and the swagger to match. Unfortunately, with that swagger also came an apparent false sense of entitlement and a knack for making bad off-field decisions. While that may sound harsh, how else do you explain what went down in Coral Gables? Marve stated "I can't play for Randy Shannon". Fortunately for Hurricanes fans, there are quite a few kids who can and will play for Coach Shannon.

Marve had a ton of promise coming into this season but it became apparent that things were not right. I would have loved for Mr. Marve to take another year to decide under the tutelage of another offensive coordinator but apparently his problems with Miami did not stem from a schematic or development standpoint but rather with Miami's inability to cater to his needs to be pampered or reassured that he was the starting quarterback. I look at it as a byproduct of enabling high school and young college kids by reassuring them that they don't have to earn something to be entitled to it. Marve was outplayed most of the year by Harris, and managed to get into trouble both legally and academically. Coach Shannon has always preached about accountability and Robert Marve was apparently a textbook example of a player who is unwilling to accept responsibility for his own mistakes. Maybe Marve wanted more of a father figure of a head coach, someone who would be his "buddy" or "friend". Truth be told, Randy Shannon is not the head coach of University of Miami football to be anyone's friend. Randy Shannon is supposed to help Robert Marve be the best football player and man that he can be and if Robert Marve couldn't buy into the way Shannon was trying to accomplish that, then so be it. Coach Shannon has his style and it is what it is. Jimmy Johnson wasn't exactly well-liked, either. The problem with Shannon's style is that we need to see some sort of success next season for him to get away with it, otherwise the message of discipline and accountability may get lost on some more young minds.

As for the comments fired by Marve and his father Eugene to the media today, I won't really comment too much on them because they aren't worth commenting on. Chalk those up to a scorned pair trying to rationalize what happened and assign blame somewhere other than where it needed to be.

DAVID VILLAVICENCIO: Robert Marve's release from his scholarship to the University of Miami finally ends the quarterback controversy that surrounded this past season. There will not be any controversy in spring practice as Jacory Harris is the clear cut starter at quarterback. While he will have to fend off Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook, Neither is likely to beat out the Miami Northwestern product for the starting job. Marve's transfer will bring stability to the team as there will no longer be questions surrounding the quarterback position. This past season was filled with controversy surrounding the quarterback position as the team constantly had to answer questions about the dual quarterback system. This clearly took a toll on them as fewer players were willing to discuss it as the season progressed. Fans did not help the matter with a constant back and forth over who should play and who should not. In regards to the quarterback situation, Hurricane nation was divided down the middle. With the emergence of Harris as the apparent starter, Canes fans need to unite and support the offense's leader.

Marve's transfer means a lot to Jacory Harris as well and he now knows that he will be the man in on every down of every game. There is no more switching quarterbacks and no more lack of continuity. Miami is back to a traditional single quarterback system and Harris will have additional pressure now that all eyes are on him. I believe Harris will continue to improve and ultimately help this team get back to the top of the college football mountain but it will take work. He is not likely to be pushed as hard by Smith and Cook as he was by Marve. It was clear that those two were not at the level of Robert Marve and Jacory Harris. Hopefully at least one will step up and push Harris although Jacory is not the type of person to get complacent. He is a tireless worker who does not need any extra motivation but a little competition can only help everyone involved.

Marve's transfer should be an interesting one as coach Shannon eliminated the ACC, SEC, and any school in Florida as possible destinations. I applaud Shannon for doing so as I got the feeling that Marve was looking around for a new school well before he should have been. The transfer restrictions are in the best interest of the program and I support coach Shannon's decision to impose them.

As for Marve, I am happy to see him go as I feel he was becoming more of a distraction than an asset to the program. No one can deny his physical abilities but his maturity level certainly can be debated as he made several questionable decisions in his time at Miami. Towards the end of the season, I got the impression that football was not a priority for Marve and that is a problem if you wish to play football at this level. Personally, I did not like his comments as he leaves the program saying that he "can't play for Coach Shannon." I feel like Coach Shannon gave Robert Marve every opportunity to run away with the starting quarterback job. He started him in every game that Robert was available even after suspensions and poor performances. Coach Shannon stuck with Robert as the starter through the good times and the bad. Marve never did anything to separate himself from Harris and his transfer makes him appear to be afraid to compete for a position. As the weeks passed, I got the sense that Marve was unhappy that he was not handed the job outright. Had he earned the job, I would likely agree with him but after having similar numbers to Harris while playing more plays per game I feel that the two were about even in 2008. Now that the release has been granted, the debate is over. I wish Robert well in the future but I am happy to see the quarterback controversy come to an end and look forward to what could be a special 2009 season.

LARRY COLE: No one player is bigger than a program and like every school that loses a high profile player via transfer, graduation, etc. moves on. The same will happen here with the University of Miami in the wake of Robert Marve transferring. Let's face it, Robert Marve's time with the Hurricanes, while heralded with potential, was filled with off-the-field shenanigans and average at best play. What Miami misses out on is Marve's potential, which has been lauded since his arrival in Coral Gables two seasons ago.

Lost in the Robert Marve shuffle is the actual starter of the team, Jacory Harris who showed throughout the season he has successfully surpassed Marve as the team's best quarterback. Should Harris continue to improve on his success as a freshman as a sophomore and into the future, the Robert Marve transfer, in hindsight may be irrelevant.

As for now, the University will have to move past this situation and the mud being thrown through the media and it will have to assure potential student-athletes and their parents that the situation with Robert Marve was an isolated incident and was becoming of himself, not of the University or the staff.

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