UM prospect report at UA Game -- Day 3

The Under Armour Game held its third day of practice on Friday and was there for all the action. Read on to see how the several UM prospects performed on Friday and why they keep looking better and better as the week progresses.

The UM prospects looked good again today. After starting slow at corner because he wasnt used to playing there, Prince Kent has gotten very good and is now being talked about as a key standout on the Black defense.

Ray Ray Armstrong has gotten better all week at free safety and looks like a natural there.

Jamal Reid was slowed with a jammed finger. Funny story, when I saw him at lunch, he put out his hand to shake mine and I have him a firm handshake and he started acting like he was in pain. He then showed me his finger that was about three times the size normally and said he did it earlier today. We talked for a little while. He's having a blast and will likely be the starting kick return guy for White. It's still unclear who will be the starting WR's for white.

Dyron Dye's pass rush is really good. He learned quickly that he cant just run past these 6-5 All-Americans like he could at Seminole. He's had to develop more moves and it's been a noticable difference since the first day.

Andre Debose looked great again today. He's the most explosive receiver on either team and caught several big pass plays in practice today for the Black Team.

Peter White was back at RT today and it looks like he's locked down a starting spot there. He's a big, powerful kid who has done a nice job adjusting to the speed of the DL kids but I still think he'll be a guard in college. He might be the strongest kid on the whole Black Team.

The game is Sunday at 8. Dye, Armstrong, and Debose will announce their college decisions that night.

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