UM lifts restriction on Marve - sort of

The University of Miami announced the transfer of quarterback Robert Marve earlier this week with a few restrictions on what schools he'd be able to transfer to. On Friday, the school announced a change to those restrictions and has the info.

The University of Miami released the following statement on Friday evening:

"The University of Miami Athletic Department this afternoon lifted its restriction on Robert Marve transferring to a Southeastern Conference school with the exception of the University of Florida, the University of Tennessee and Louisiana State University.

Due to the attention this issue has received, the University feels it is appropriate to state the reason for keeping the restriction on those schools. The University of Miami has reason to believe that the Marve family or others on behalf of the Marve family contacted those institutions during the 2008 season regarding Robert's potential transfer prior to him having been given his release by UM. We are not suggesting any wrong doing on the part of any of the universities mentioned. Robert's desire to request a transfer was reviewed in the same manner that we do for every student-athlete in every sport.

It is important to note that any stipulations imposed on any possible transfer are always the result of circumstances and are not done in haste or spite. As per NCAA regulations, a student-athlete can appeal any restrictions or stipulations given by a school regarding his or her transfer."

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