Deciding Between A Final Four

Malcolm Bunche need not be reminded about verbally committing to Rutgers. "Yes I did," Bunche said, sighing. "In the beginning of the year, I committed and then I finally realized that since it was going so well for me, I decided to pursue other colleges, just to follow the whole recruiting process, and so far it's been a blast. Not counting Rutgers out, because I still like Rutgers."

Bunche, the powerful offensive lineman, said he will regroup before National Signing Day.

"For right now, I'm just going on all the official visits right now and soaking up all the information about the schools," Bunche said. "Getting some one-on-one time with all the offensive line coaches and some of the players from the schools and basically taking my time in this whole experience."

In the meantime, Bunche, the Newark, Del. Native, said Maryland, the University of Connecticut and Miami round out his choices.

"This is the final four," Bunche said.

Each university presents different visions to Bunche.

"The whole camaraderie of the players and coaches and how they have fun winning games," Bunche said of Rutgers. "Everybody is a family as Coach Schiano puts it. They're like brothers; they're just like a big family and they dedicate themselves to each other as well as the program."

This is not hard to fathom considering family is incredibly important to Bunche, who said his father and brother are assisting him in the recruiting process.

"My brother, my head coach, Butch Simpson's really behind me," Bunche said. "He's really the wisdom when I have something bothering me, when I have questions I go straight to him. My father is pointing me in the right direction, guiding me."

With Maryland, Bunche sees a connection between his current mastermind, Simpson, and the Terrapins offensive lineman coach, who also hails from Bunche's native city.

"Coach (Tom) Brattan, he's been to my school," Bunche said. "He knows Coach Simpson my head coach. We've had a lot of good conversations about life and work. Coach Bratton also coached offensive linemen at Stanford who had gone to Newark High School, so we talk about him as well, the tradition with Maryland, which is coming up."

Miami, however, offers tradition: the Huskies a well-rounded coaching staff.

"I like Miami with their tradition," Bunche said. "UCONN, I like the coaching staff, the recruiting coach…When you think of Miami, you think of tradition. All the athletes that have gone there, the coaches who have served there. How it's a big name school."

But then Bunche retreats, realizing what Schiano has accomplished thus far with the Scarlet Knights' program.

"Before Coach Schiano got there, I didn't really know anything about Rutgers," Bunche said. "That's one thing I like about Coach Schiano. He's bringing everybody together."

Once Bunche signs, wherever that may be, his life will become football and school, and not much else.

"When I go to college, 50 percent of my life in college is football and the other 50 percent is academics, because I want to graduate school as well as succeed at football," he said.

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