McClinton talks BC and facing Tyrese Rice

The Hurricanes have a big conference showdown coming up against Boston College on Saturday. Jack McClinton talked to about the matchup so read on to see what he's talking about!

Q: What do you see this team needing to improve right now?

A: Free throw shooting, not turning the ball over and executing, just doing the little things. It's just little things. We will get those things corrected though.

Q: Talk about your relationship with Tyrese Rice.

A: He's one of my closest friends outside of my teammates in the league. We talk on a daily basis about basketball and everything that's going on. He's a good guy.

Q: How tough is he to guard?

A: He's one of the top point guards in the country. He's very shifty, has great pace. He is a great player. One person may not be able to stop him. It'll be a team defense.

Q: What did you say to him about BC's win over North Carolina?

A: I just congratulated him on the game. It was a great win for them.

Q: What do you think about BC?

A: We really want to get a win there. Since 1999 we haven't got a win there. We will try to be better than ever. I do not want to finish without having a win there.

Q: What do you do from a leadership role heading into the conference games?

A: When you come to ACC play you have to do the little things or a team will beat you. I just tell them that maybe in some of these games you could get away with not boxing out, not helping on defense or little things like that, but in the ACC those things determine who wins game. You have to do the little things.

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