Haith talks about Rios, "We Need To Move On"

Sophomore Eddie Rios was suspended indefinitely on Monday. According to a press release, Rios violated team rules relating to following team protocol and lack of communication with coaches.

The guard was a valuable backup to Lance Hurdle and seemed to be coming into his own prior to this suspension. Rios was suspended earlier this season for a violation of team rules that caused him to miss the Ohio State game. Miami men's basketball coach Frank Haith explained Rios' latest suspension.

"Eddie was not suspended for being sick or whether or not he is sick," Haith said. "That's not the reason for the suspension."

"We have rules. We have rules that are in place for all our guys. The last game we played was on a Monday against FAU and that was the last time we saw Eddie. We took Tuesday off and then Wednesday we practiced. Eddie was a no show at practice."

"We asked Wes to follow up. He and Eddie talked that day via text about him being sick. We wanted Eddie to go to student health. He doesn't live too far from here. We wanted him to see our doctors immediately because my job is the well being of our student athletes and we wanted him to do that right away. Eddie chose not to do that."

"A day goes by and we don't hear from Eddie. The next day we asked Eddie to do it again and Eddie chose not to do it again. We were concerned. Obviously we said if you can't get to our doctors then you need to go to an emergency room or to another doctor if you're feeling that poorly. That was the last we'd heard from Eddie."

"I reached out to Eddie to try to get him to call me and there was no call back. That was on Thursday. Friday we leave for the game and there is still no response from Eddie in terms of how he's doing. We get on the plane and we leave. I have a message from Eddie as we land. ‘I wasn't dodging you guys. Just not feeling well.' We get back we take Sunday off and practice Monday. That is the next time I see Eddie Rios. We can't communicate and work under those parameters."

"I suspended Eddie, contrary to what was written in the paper. We call Eddie in and said Eddie this is the reason why you're being suspended, not communicating with your coaches and following protocol. All of our players know when you're sick and we ask you to do things, we're trying to help you."

"This is Eddie's second suspension. We need to move forward. Eddie is a nice young man. I like Eddie but we have to follow rules. We would like to move forward from there."

Later in the press conference, Haith was asked if Rios was still on the team.

"No," Haith said. "He's suspended."

Coach Haith also addressed the issue of Rios possibly returning later in the season saying, "I don't think so. We haven't discussed that as a staff but right now no."

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