Graham: We keep getting better and better

Senior forward Jimmy Graham has been hampered by injuries this season but the big man says his latest injury is starting to feel much better. Read on to get the latest on Graham.

You roomed with Adrian Thomas earlier in your career at Miami. What do you think of his story?

"I'm really close to Adrian. Me and him were roommates summer of freshman year so I've spent a lot of time with him. I remember right after he got hurt the second time, the next day he came to practice and he was still the same Adrian Thomas. He was still clapping and cheering for us. I think the biggest thing about him is he lets nothing affect him and how he acts and how he is as a teammate. He's always in the center of everything."

What do you think about facing a tough ACC schedule the rest of the way?

"I'm excited. We've been waiting all year for this and it's finally here. I feel like as a team, we're growing every day. We're playing more together and we're playing better defense each game. If we continue to do that I think it's going to be a great year."

You're an aggressive and physical player. How tough has it been on you to play with the injury?

"It was difficult in the beginning but I've really just put it out of my mind. Whenever I'm in the game, I've just got to play aggressive and just play Jimmy Graham basketball. Just D up and just try and get in the fray of everything."

Has it gotten to the point that you just don't think about it anymore?

"Yeah, I don't think about it anymore. There's been a couple of games where it's been really tender. I've been doing a lot of rehab and we've been treating it a lot so now it just gets sore after the game. As far as in the game, I feel fine which is good. I'm really happy about that."

Having won five in a row including a big win at Boston College, how does this team's current success help going forward into ACC play?

"It helps a lot. Like I said, I feel like since the Clemson game we've really been practicing hard. We run for everything now. For not being in stance, for not talking on the court, there are about 12 different things that you've got to run for. It's made us a better team. We're playing better each game and if we continue to do that I'm just real excited to see what we're going to do."

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