Post Game Quotes: UM 62, Maryland 60

Miami's mens basketball tea, rallied for a comeback win against Maryland. Read on to see what players and coaches were saying after the game.

Miami Head Coach Frank Haith
On the game…
"What a game. I felt that Maryland, early in the game, was running right by us. I felt they had more zip, more pop early in the ballgame and we allowed them to slow it down. We turned the ball over 10 times in the first half. Obviously, that was key for us in the second half. We only turned the ball over two times. I thought at the 10-minute mark we started executing. We were down 17, and I know that since I have been [head coach] here we have not come back from down 17. I truly believed it, every time we had a timeout I knew we were going to win this game. We believed it. It started with Lance Hurdle. He was helping Jack [McClinton] who made the big three at the end of the game. Lance had a couple threes and [James] Dews had a big one. We started to get our rhythm. Early in the game we just missed a lot. A lot of shots just didn't fall even though we got a lot of good looks. Then it affected us on the defensive end. We weren't blocking out and we weren't doing the little things. I thought our guys really just fought. This is the kind of win where you just find a way to dig it out and win a ballgame on your court. We didn't play particularly well until the last two minutes of the game."

Guard Jack McClinton
"We never gave up in the huddle. Coach Haith kept us positive and believed that we were going to win that game. We all had one goal and that was to win that basketball game. We stayed positive that whole second half…We tried to put pressure on them. The second half we came out and slowed down everything and made the shots."

On Maryland:
"Maryland is a great team, a great ACC team. This is what the ACC is all about, great games."

Maryland Head Coach Gary Williams
On the game…
"We played a really great first half. We really controlled the tempo – took away their threes for the most part. Coming out into the second half, we didn't have the energy that we did, even though they didn't cut into it right away. I didn't think we were playing the same way early in the second half, and they eventually got it to a point where they made some threes—they made some great shots that we couldn't stop. And we couldn't score. We hit a wall. I thought we had a pretty good effort for going on the road. But I think we played pretty well until the last situation, so I don't think playing on the road had much to do with us being able to stop their threes. They made some shots, we made some mistakes defensively. We had some balls that I thought we had possession of that we didn't get."

On whether they struggled more defensively or offensively down the stretch…
"Both. You have to keep playing. We just didn't do it. Like I said, there's a pretty good effort and I've been there before—Saturday coming from behind with Georgia Tech. They got us tonight. It's tough, it's a tough loss. We'll see how we come back against Florida State, another tough team on the road, and we'll see how it goes."

On change of momentum in the second half…
"I think we got tentative, I think that's fair to say. Adrian Bowie played great, but when he got in a little bit of oul trouble that hurt us down the stretch. We had to sub him a couple of times because he had his four fouls. But we need everybody playing well – we're a team. This year we don't have a guy that's running consistently to dominate the game. We need guys to step it up like Adrian did today. We have to play like that—that's how we have to play. You have to play both ways. You have to play from behind; you have to play with a lead. I think with a lead it's harder. If you're playing from behind you have nothing to lose. I've always thought that playing with a lead is the toughest thing you have to do in sports—whatever the sport is. You still want to stay aggressive; you don't want to take bad shots. If one thing lost the game, we lost our aggressiveness on the defensive end of the court. We gave up way too many threes on those situations we talked about in every timeout. We couldn't get them stopped. We didn't play as good a defense as we did in the first half, and they made some shots. They're a good three point shooting team – they have some weapons. We were able to take them away the first half, but couldn't take them away down the stretch."

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