Possible OC Prospect: John Ramsdell

Miami's search for a new offensive coordinator has been going on for a couple weeks now. Instead of speculating who might be getting interviewed, CanesTime.com instead will offer up some background information on guys we believe could be strong candidates for the job. Lets get started, with San Diego Chargers QB coach John Ramsdell.

Who he is: John Ramsdell, 54, has been a successful football coach everywhere he's been during his 33 years as a coach. Born in Indiana, Ramsdell went to high school in Pennsylvania and played running back at Springfield (Mass.) College.

What he's done: Ramsdell's first major job offer at the major college level came at Oregon, where he coached the wide receivers and helped direct one of the nation's most successful passing games. He spent 12 years there (1983-1994) and coached a number of receivers who later played in the NFL. Ramsdell was part of a coaching staff that turned the Oregon program around and led them to the Rose Bowl following the 1994 season. Prior to coaching at Oregon, Ramsdell had coaching stints at San Francisco State, Long Beach State, and the University of Pacific.

After 12 successful seasons at Oregon, Ramsdell had the NFL calling. He became the tight ends coach for the St. Louis Rams from 1995-1997. Troy Drayton had the best season of his pro career under Ramsdell's watch in 1997.

Ramsdell took over the quarterback coaching duties for the Rams in 1998. It didn't take him long to make a major impact. In Kurt Warner's first season as the starter in 1998, he led the NFL in passing, won the league's MVP Award, and led the Rams to the Super Bowl Championship. Warner threw 41 touchdowns in his first season as a starter and credits Ramsdell for a lot of his early success.

In 2000, Warner had some injuries so the Rams turned to Trent Green. His 101.8 quarterback rating that year was the best rating he ever obtained over a full season in the NFL, his only one under Ramsdell.

Warner returned in 2001 to win another league MVP Award. That season marked the second best season, statistically, that Warner ever had.

In 2004, Marc Bulger took over as the full-time starter for the first time in his young career. It marked the most successful pro season Bulger ever had.

In 2005, when Bulger suffered through some injuries, career-backup Jamie Martin took over. Like three others before him, Martin turned in the best season he ever experienced in the NFL under Ramsdell.

Following the 2005 season, Ramsdell was hired by the San Diego Chargers to coach their quarterbacks. In Phillip Rivers' first year as the starter there, he was outstanding. Over the past three season, his production totals and quarterback rating rival any other quarterback in pro football.

Why he should be a strong candidate: Ramsdell's been successful everywhere he's been. He's had experience coaching three different positions at a high level and he brings a tremendous resume with him. Amazingly, every quarterback who started for him dating back to 1998 would experience their best NFL season ever under his tutelage. Sure, he got to work with Rivers and Warner but he also got more success out of guys like Green, Bulger, and Martin than anyone else could. He's coached at the major college level before, has obvious ties to the NFL, and has been a key part of some of the NFL's most explosive offenses over the past several years. He also wears a Super Bowl ring.

Why he may not be: For as successful as Ramsdell's been over the years, he's never been an offensive coordinator at the major college or pro level. While he seems like the type of coach who could certainly take over that duty at UM, he doesn't have the experience doing it. In addition, every coaching job he's ever had (dating back to when he started in 1976) has been West of the Mississippi River.

Bottom Line: Lets face it -- Ramsdell can flat out coach quarterbacks. He's proven to be one of the best in the NFL at doing it. He helped build an explosive offense at Oregon and has experience coaching every position on the offensive side of the ball. We believe he'd be a tremendous candidate for the Hurricanes.

Bio: John Ramsdell -- Chagers.com

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