Recap of Jacory's Press Conference

The University of Miami held a press conference at 2 pm this afternoon to let Jacory Harris address the media. was there for all the action. Read on to see what Harris was talking about.

Below is a recap of today's press conference with Jacory Harris. will have a complete transcript posted later.

* He was surprised by the firing of Patrick Nix and the transfer of Robert Marve.

* He says that this isn't his team yet and he still needs to go out and win the job.

* He wants an offense that will score points and an OC that will help develop him for the NFL.

* His shoulder is fine. He's rehabbing twice daily and expects to be 100-percent for the start of spring ball next month.

* He says he will be a teacher. He'll learn the playbook quickly and help others.

* He says playing early was huge and he learned the speed of the game.

* He says he never considered leaving or transferring during the 2 QB system.

* He says he wants to be 190-195 by next season and 215 when he leaves. He's 185 right now.

* He says he wants to improve on making reads and letting playmakers make plays.

* He didn't wanna talk about the Cal game when asked, just saying that it was the first game he ever lost as a starter (note: Jacory was undefeated when starting games in middle school and in high school).

* He says he welcomes the pressure of being the guy that brings Miami back. He wants that role.

* He says he's excited for spring football and is excited to have pretty much the whole team back. He hopes the fans are excited too.

* He says Taylor Cook has the strongest arm on the team.

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