QB: Miami has a great family

A.J. Highsmith is back from his official visit to Miami and the 3-star quarterback talked about the experience of visiting Miami.

"It was a great visit," said A.J. Highsmith. "I had a lot of fun. It was great to go down there and meet with all the players and coaches. We also had a lot of guys that are going to Miami on the visit so that was cool."

The talented quarterback was one of Miami's first commitments and despite being courted by schools like Oklahoma State and Houston he has no doubts about where he will be going to school.

"I am 100% percent committed to Miami," Highsmith said. "I can not wait to start. Miami is a great city."

Highsmith who led his team to the 5A state championship game in Texas was hosted by former state champion Jacory Harris. He talked about how he got along with Miami's starting QB.

"Jacory Harris was my host," Highsmith said. "He is a real nice guy. He is a team guy. He just showed me around and told me if I everything needed help with football or school to count me in."

Highsmith, whose father is former Miami great Alonzo Highsmith, took the visit with his mother. His father was unable to attend because he is working as a scout at the Senior Bow. He talked about what his favorite part of the visit was.

"The best part was bonding with the players there," Highsmith said. "They have a great family there. There is really a great sense of unity there with the players and coaches and you really notice it once you get involved."

The 6-foot-1 180 pound Hightower high school standout has recently been visited by some Miami coaches. He talked about that experience.

"Coach Shannon and Coach Barrow passed by my house. I have a great relationship with them so we had a good time. We talked about school, and a lot of other things including football."

There have been some questions as to whether or not Highsmith would play quarterback at Miami. Despite those rumors, Highsmith has always been recruited as a QB and that is where he will at least start his Hurricane career.

"I am playing quarterback. Coach Robinson looked over some tapes and schemes with me and they were talking to me like a quarterback."

Highsmith talked about what he brings to the table as a player and what separates him from others quarterbacks.

"I feel that I am smart player. I can use my athleticism to move the pocket and create opportunities, but I still have a lot to learn. I am going to work hard to get better every day."

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