OL Talks About Visit

This in-state offensive lineman has already made his pleadge to the Miami Hurricanes and he arrived last weekend for his official visit. He talks about the visit with us.

At 6-foot-4 and 295 pounds, Estero, Fla. offensive lineman Derrick Morse made his official visit to the University of Miami this weekend.

"I had a real good time," Morse said. "I got a chance to meet some of the other guys like Andrew Bain, Cyrim Wimbs, and John Rochford. We are all offensive linemen that are going to Miami so it was fun hanging out together."

Morse said taking his official visit was different than taking unofficial trips.

"This time I got a chance to hang out with some of the current players," he said. "I got to see a lot more stuff and in more detail, like the school, the dorms, and stuff like that. Plus I had a chance to go out to eat with some of the coaches."

The standout lineman said he met Rochford for the first time.

"I knew about Andrew and Cyrim," he said, "but it was the first time I met John. He's a real cool guy and fun to be around. I can see myself rooming with someone like that."

Morse, who recently completed high school and will begin his UM career on Jan. 13, said he also got a chance to hang out with Nate Robinson.

"He's a real good guy," he said. "I think he fits in really well at Miami and I hope he signs with us."

The standout lineman, who made the visit with his father, said he also hung out with some other guys.

"I met a guy named Mike Jones," he said. "I don't think he's coming to Miami because he didn't seem interested in anything. I asked why his parents didn't come with him since they went on his other trips and he said they were tired of the whole process. Greg [Olsen] is a good guy too but he said he's got other schools higher on his list. The Ohio guys seemed like they had no interest in Miami. They even skipped out when we went to watch practice."

Morse is preparing to participate in the Cali-Florida all-star game.

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